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Cybershaft 50Ω 整合器 CYB-MA01

Cybershaft 50Ω 10MHz 變壓器型 2分配器 CYB-DS01 

Match the clock input 75Ω impedance of the audio device to 50Ω.
Ideal for connecting the 50Ω output of our clock product to a 75Ω audio device.
Due to the synthetic resistance method, the quality of the clock is hardly degraded.
All products can be used with confidence by measuring the SWR for each unit and checking the characteristics.

■SWR 1.03 or less (10 MHz when connecting 75Ω impedance input device)
■Compatible impedance: Clock input side 50Ω Audio device output side 75Ω

*This adapter cannot be used on the output side of 75Ω.
*Since it is not an impedance converter, you cannot connect a cable to the 75Ω side. Be sure to connect it directly to the 75Ω input BNC connector of the audio device.
*If you are using this adapter, please connect the devices with a 50Ω BNC cable. There will be a mismatch with a 75Ω cable.
*Only for our 10MHz clock products. Characteristics cannot be guaranteed if conditions such as other frequencies are different.

Type: OCXO Clock

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