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DELA S100 - Audiophile Network Hubs

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DELA S100 Audiophile Network Hubs 

With the development of D100, DELA developed Audioohile Network Hubs. It fully meets the requirements to ensure the quality of Network Streaming. It takes the function of the DELA series to a new level. For example, using SFP as a high-end network switch, supporting optical fiber technology to transmit signals.

The drive of DELA S100 adopts a sandwich type shock-absorbing structure, and the top and bottom plates are reinforced with aluminum plates to improve stability. And built-in high-quality clock circuit, so that the time base error is further reduced. The power supply part adopts large-capacity capacitor technology to ensure stable and pure voltage. All made in Japan.


  • Equipped with 4 100Mbps ports, 4 1000Mbps ports and 2 SFPs (small general-purpose ports supporting optical fiber, etc.)
  • All 4 ports of 100Mbps (No. 1-4) and 1 port of 1000Mbps (No. 8) are priority ports
  • Audio equipment is recommended to connect to 100Mbps
  • Turn off the status display LED of each port with one key to eliminate the effect of flicker
  • Power supply with large capacity capacitor bank board similar to N1 / 3
  • The chassis is made of 2mm thick high rigid steel plate
  • Half size, compact and easy to install
  • Made in Japan

Power circuit noise comparison: The noise of the power circuit is lower than that of the PC network switch.


  • Dimension: 215 × 61 × 270 mm
  • Weight: About 2.5kg
  • 100Mbps LAN ポート x 4 (No.1~4)
  • 1000Mbps LANポート x 4 (No.5~8, No.8, SFP and common use, SFP priority)SFPポート x 2 (No.8~9)
  • Power supply: DC12V (48W AC アダプタ is attached)

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