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Roon Music Server

AfterDark. Project ClayX TureColour Portable Monitor


AfterDark. Project ClayX TureColour Portable Monitor 

AfterDark. is delighted to released a Portable Display for Giesemann KARMNN Mini Music Server. This monitor is designed for highest picture quality and using the latest technologies from Samsung Portable Display Panel. 

This portable display has an excellent display and resolutions. Compared with IPS, it is really a dimensionality reduction blow.  has no light leakage problem, which is excellent for audioiphiles who likes the best colour rendering for music album at night with a little portable screen which is very handy to place in any location near the audioohile system.  

Support device:

  • MAC Pro 2019 or Mac Book with single Apple Thunderbolt 4 Cable (Native 4K Resolution) 
  • PS5
  • Nintendo Switch (1080P) 
  • PC in Windows and Linux 1080p


 Specification on LCD:

  • 17-inch resolution 2560 x 16000 60HZ refresh rate, 1ms response time high-speed picture is clearer, the color gamut
  • This screen is 1.06B NTSC106%
  • 100%sRGB
  • 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut
  • 94% Adobe RGB
  • Contrast ratio 100000:1 (IPS screen only 800-1500:1)


image.thumb.jpeg.5ab656631e13df3740bea8fd68da9c3c.jpegPowered by single 5V Type C and input with mini HDMI 


  • HDMI video cable*1
  • TYPEC TO C full-featured video data cable*1




    Type: Roon

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