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Singxer SU-2 

Product details: 

The SU-2 digital interface is a high-performance USB digital audio interface newly developed by our team. It uses the latest ARM Cortex-M4 as the core microprocessor as the main control of the USB data part. SU-2 adopts the self-developed chao low-jitter clock system (AS-318B series of ACCUSILICON, ultra-low jitter at femtosecond level), large-capacity FPGA as the core of Digital audio data processing, and has a standard USB2.0 input interface , Rich output interfaces, including XLR balanced output AES, coaxial RCA and BNC, I2S interface with HDMI socket output, complete master clock and word clock (WCLK) output. SU-2 supports external 10Mhz clock input, using common 50 ohm input impedance design.

SU-2 is not only a USB interface, but also can be used as an independent master clock product.

1. When used as an independent master clock, it can output 44.1K-384K word clock, or output 22.5792Mhz-49.152Mhz master clock. (When the USB is not connected, it will be used as the master clock device by default)

2. When using an external 10Mhz clock input, it can also be used as a frequency converter; support 10Mhz conversion to 44.1K-384K word clock, or output 22.5792Mhz-49.152Mhz master clock.

SU-2 is a brand-new USB interface developed by us to replace the original SU-1; PCM sampling rate is up to PCM 768K, and DSD is up to DSD1024. Using large-scale FPGA as the core of computing processing, we transferred part of the FPGA algorithm technology of the flagship interface SU-6 to SU-2; it is positioned in the high-end interface, mainly using the following three unique technologies:

1. Full isolation technology (ground isolation), using a 150Mbps full isolation chip, which can completely isolate the interference from the PC;

2. Source synchronization technology and FPGA shaping technology reshape the isolated I2S signal; thereby eliminating the additive jitter caused by the isolation chip;

3. The self-developed clock system adopts ACCUSILICON's high-performance crystal oscillator, low phase noise, low jitter; an external 10Mhz clock can also be selected, supporting various atomic clocks, constant temperature crystal oscillators, and GPDSO input.

The standard accessory is a USB cable, the default delivery is not equipped with a power cord)

Below is a photo of the chassis:

Technical index:

Sampling rate supported by each output interface:

PCM: 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz,

176.4KHz, 192KHz, 352.8KHz, 384KHz, 705.6KHz, 768KHz

[I2S out supports all sampling rates, S/PDIF supports up to 384KHz, DOP128]

2.8 MHz (DSD64)-DOP, native
5.6 MHz (DSD128)-DOP, native
11.2 MHz (DSD256)-DOP,native
22.5792 MHz (DSD512)-DOP, native
45.1584 MHz (DSD1024)-native

[I2S out supports all DSD formats, S/PDIF and AES/EBU support DSD128 DOP mode]
Bit width: up to 32 bit over I2S output

Up to 24 bit over S/PDIF

Electrical standards for each interface:

1. The USB input socket is a standard USB-B type female socket, and the USB power supply range is 4.5V-5.1V;

2. The RCA interface outputs a standard S/PDIF signal, the level is 550mV (connected to a standard load), and the output impedance is 75 ohms;

3. The power input is 115V/230V AC, and the imported TALEMA transformer is used for power supply.


1. Carry out the design concept that electricity is the mother of sound, attach importance to the design of power circuits, and use high-performance, low-noise and fast-response LDO as the main power supply. The whole board uses multiple independent LDO power supplies, and the clock part even uses ADI's ultra-low noise LDO, which lays a solid foundation for ensuring the output performance.

2. The PCB motherboard adopts a 4-layer circuit board design to ensure a complete ground plane and power layer, and a high-speed digital design method to ensure the signal integrity and power integrity of the entire board. The clock signal is specially processed, and the package design and precise impedance control are adopted to ensure the signal quality of the clock and improve its anti-interference ability. The input and output signals follow the standard design, especially the USB high-speed signal adopts 90 ohm differential impedance control.

I2S interface adopts HDMI socket output:

1. LVDS differential signal with a level of 3.3V;

2. DSD ON signal, 5V power supply (small current), MUTE signal internal CPLD has been processed, there is no need to output MUTE signal;

3. The DSD ON signal can be defined by itself, and the DSD ON signal can be output to the PIN13, 14, 15, 16 pins of the socket at will.

Flexible I2S and clock output configuration:

1. Switches 1-4 correspond to the PIN13-16 pins of the HDMI socket. Pull it to the ON position, it means that the HDMI PIN has the function of DSD_ON.

2. Switches 5 and 6 are the modes for configuring the clock output:
When switch 5 is OFF, the internal clock is used, and when it is ON, the external 10M clock is used; when the external clock is used, play is red. Flashing red indicates that the 10M lock is abnormal, and the steady light indicates that the 10M clock input is locked normally.
Switch 6 configures the output of the SP/CLK interface. When it is OFF, it outputs the SPDIF signal, and when it is ON, it outputs the WCLK/MCLK signal.

3. Switch 7 can independently set the left and right channels in DSD mode in the I2S signal.

4. Switch 8 can set the line sequence of BCLK in the I2S signal; when it is OFF, PIN4 is BCLK+ and PIN6 is BCLK-;

4. Switch 9 can set the line sequence of LRCLK in the I2S signal; when it is OFF, PIN7 is LRCLK+, and PIN9 is LRCLK-;

4. Switch 10 can set the line sequence of DATA in the I2S signal; when it is OFF, PIN1 is DATA+ and PIN3 is DATA-;

Please refer to our special document for specific settings.

This switch is on the back of the case and can be configured without opening the case.
All switches are OFF by default.
SU-2 can be configured by SW switch to adapt to different I2S standards.

But as far as we know, the HDMI-I2S of every manufacturer in the world is different. For most manufacturers, HDMI-I2S is a proprietary protocol of the manufacturer.

Chassis size and packaging:

The length, width and height of the chassis: 234MM*170MM*46MM, excluding the height of the machine feet and the protruding part of the connectors at the back of the chassis. 

The weight of a single machine is about 1.8KG.

The length, width and height of the carton packaging: 350MM*230MM*110MM.

Shipping package weight: 2.3KG

Accessories: a USB cable.

(The standard accessories are a USB cable and a power cord)


Singxer SU-2


SU-2數字界面是我們團隊全新開發的一款高性能USB數字音頻界面,採用了以最新ARM Cortex-M4為內核的微處理器作為USB數據部分的主控。 SU-2採用了自主研發的chao低抖動時鐘系統(ACCUSILICON的AS-318B系列,達到飛秒級別的超低抖動),大容量FPGA作為Digital audio數據的處理核心,擁有標準的USB2.0 輸入接口,豐富的輸出接口,包括XLR平衡輸出AES,同軸RCA和BNC,採用HDMI插座輸出的I2S接口,完善的主時鐘和字時鐘(WCLK)輸出.SU-2支持外置10Mhz時鐘輸入,採用常見的50歐姆輸入阻抗設計。


1.作為獨立主時鐘使用的時候,可以輸出44.1K-384K的字時鐘,或者輸出22.5792Mhz- 49.152Mhz主時鐘。 (不接USB的時候,會默認作為主時鐘設備使用)

2.當使用外置10Mhz時鐘輸入的時候,還可以作為頻率轉換器使用;支持10Mhz轉換到 44.1K-384K的字時鐘,或者輸出22.5792Mhz-49.152Mhz主時鐘.

SU-2是我們開發的全新架構USB界面,用於取代原來的SU-1;PCM採樣率最高支持到PCM 768K,DSD最高支持到DSD1024。使用大型FPGA作為運算處理核心,我們將旗艦界面SU-6的部分FPGA算法技術下放到SU-2中;其定位於中高端界面,主要是採用了以下三項獨有技術: 







最新驅動支持DSD1024和DSD NATIVE模式。




PCM: 44.1KHz,48KHz,88.2KHz,96KHz,


[其中I2S out支持全部採樣率,S/PDIF最高支持384KHz,DOP128]

2.8 MHz (DSD64) - DOP,native
5.6 MHz (DSD128) - DOP,native
11.2 MHz (DSD256) - DOP,native
22.5792 MHz (DSD512) - DOP,native
45.1584 MHz (DSD1024) - native

[其中I2S out支持全部DSD格式,S/PDIF和AES/EBU支持DSD128 DOP模式]
位寬:最高32 bit over I2S output

最高24 bit over S/PDIF



2,RCA接口輸出標準的S/PDIF 信號,電平為550mV(接標準負載),輸出阻抗為75歐姆;

3,電源輸入為115V/ 230V交流,內部採用TALEMA進口變壓器進行供電。





1.電平為3.3V 的LVDS差分信號;

2.DSD ON 信號,5V電源(小電流),MUTE信號內部CPLD已經處理了,將不需要輸出MUTE信號;

3.DSD ON 信號可以自行定義,DSD ON這個信號可以任意輸出到插座的PIN13,14,15,16引腳。


1.開關1-4對應配置HDMI插座的PIN13-16腳。拔到ON的位置,就表示HDMI PIN有DSD_ON 的功能。



















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