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AfterDark. ClayX PowerZone SATA III (CFS) Conditioner

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AfterDark. Project ClayX SATA III 6Gbps (CFS) Cable

AfterDark. ClayX PowerZone SATA III (CFS) Conditioner


AfterDark. x 音響夜冷店 2020推出新產品: AfterDark. ClayX PowerZone SATA III (CFS) Conditioner

店主設計這SATA III Conditioner用於 Pioneer BDR-S12J-X Ratoc Audio RP-EC5-U3AI, any network server with OS and NAS with Music LibraryExotic SSD that use SATA III cable。

碳纖維起源於航空材料,但隨著這種材料的使用越來越廣泛,碳纖維屏蔽已經成功地解決電子設備與EMI(電磁干擾), 成功用碳纖維複合屏蔽方式應用於發燒音響SATA III Conditioner. 

為什麼需要設計PowerZone SATA III (CFS) Conditioner?

  • 對於CD翻錄,信號恢復和拾取的數據的準確性, PowerZone SATA III (CFS) Conditioner起著重要的作用. 注意到一般 network server / CD Ripper 完全不使用Power Conditioner / EMI屏蔽是很難達到發燒音響標準, 因為這個瓶頸問題, 信號經過Network Player或CD Ripper無法實現他們的最佳表現. 
  • 店主的主要目標是用發燒音響材料, 設計一條音響專用的PowerZone SATA III (CFS) Conditioner 可以簡單升級/ 提高信號恢復, 音樂密度或提高發燒CD音樂信號提取.

PowerZone SATA III (CFS) Conditioner設計的特點?

  • 特點是電源淨化隔離/濾波器作用,  來隔离/緩沖和消除其中電流紋波,隔離大功率設備(例如顯卡、CPU等)運轉時產品的紋波干擾。
  • 雙向濾波地線隔離設計,同時阻斷硬盤工作時自身產生的嚴重EMI干擾
  • 採用了日本紅寶石的工業級高品質貼片電容、德國威瑪的金屬薄膜定容、TDK的大功率電感和AVX的“小黃豆”鉭電容,組成了豪華濾波陣列,有效的保護了硬盤,淨化了供電
  • 使用碳纖維屏蔽, 同時阻斷EMI干擾
  • 另外SATA接頭添加高端工業級Exotic EMI屏蔽(KEMET Corporation)進一步避免EMI/RF signal. 

PowerZone SATA III (CFS) Conditioner的聲音風格

  • 屬豐富細節與高雅微動態分析風格, 背景是深色的,
  • 更好的空間分離感. 焦點更準確.
  • 由於使用碳纖維屏蔽,數字信號更加黑,帶豐富細節.


  • One 2mm Layer of Carbon Fiber Shielding for EMI shielding for high frequency effective shielding: The will prevent external noise from getting to the signal conductors, shields the shield of the cable to further prevent the ingress of noise (RFI, etc.) during CD ripping process.
  • Both SATA3.0 / Power connectors enhanced with KEMET Corporation's EMI absorber to further eliminated the noise during the CD ripping process.
  • TDK high-power inductors use for high frequency signal application
  • Tantalum capacitors from AVX are used to form a luxurious filter array
  • Metal film constant capacitance from Weimar from Germany, purifies To ensure the quite, clean PowerZone audio environment
  • Array of Audio Grade Rubycon for extra power filtering
  • Gold Plated SATA3.0 Connectors for Audiophile CD Ripping.

Technical Specification: 

  • Superior dual-layer isolation, 1st Layer of carbon fiber for High Frequency (HF) effective shielding.
  • Second Layer of KEMET Corp. EMI absorber for EMI shielding, the highest standard of shielding material for Audiophile CD ripping/ Music Server
  • All hand Made in Hong Kong by AfterDark.

Audio Review: 
"The PowerZone SATA III (CFS) Conditioner makes a clear sound improvement for my music servers, in comparison, the difference is immediately to be heard. Even though some claim on digital levels it would be physically illogical that can changed the sound. The difference is so clear in the blind test that I can disprove this thesis. The background becomes somewhat darker and the sound before smoother." "Unbelievable PowerZone SATA III (CFS) Conditioner improves SQ in almost all aspects!" 








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