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AfterDark. Project ClayX Black Modernize Thermo Kits for UpTone EtherREGEN

Audiophilestyle Speical Edition
Black Modernize Kits

AfterDark. Project ClayX Black Modernize Thermo Kits for UpTone EtherREGEN

We designed this Thermo Kits for EtherREGEN. The thermo material which we choose is based on our experience to build a fanless i7 Roon Server on passive cooling to the chassis. This is very suitable for transfering heat effectively from EtherREGEN to the oversized Aluminum Heatsink. After applying the Project ClayX Black Modernize Thermo Kits, the EtherREGEN will have positive improve on sounding and creates better operational temperature to work for better air ventilation.    

The Project ClayX Black Moernize Kit will help to lower the temperature around 15C or 59F optimised for EtherREGEN and continue perform heat transfer via the Thermo Epoxy and Black Modernize Heatsink.  


Technical Specifications: 

Industrial Grade "Removable Safe" Thermo Epoxy

  • Ultra High Heat Transfer Index : 10W/(m-k) compared vs consumer grade at 2-3W/(m-k) 
  • Extra thick at 2.5mm at Size : 10cm x 10cm 
  • Easy to cut on cutter for customerize sizes 

Black Modernize Heatsink in Matt Black:

  • Oversize design for demand application and transfer heat to the air
  • Smooth edge with patterned Fins at 2cm talls x 15, increase surface area for extra heat loss
  • Dimension 9.8cm x 14cm x 2.3mm   







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