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AfterDark. Project ClayX BLACKICE Ground Box

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Ground Cable

The development of AfterDark. Project ClayX BLACKICE Ground Box  

This is latest project under Project ClayX. The use of select material from every screws, carbon fiber, connecting poles for ground cable, and all exotic materials inside the grounding box is selected carefully from very best materials. The use of ground box will improve the sounding for most sensitive devices, such as EtherREGEN, Giesemann OCXO Master Clock, DAC, Roon Server.  

Why do we develop a Ground Box for Audiophiles?

  • This can solve the grounding problems and absorb the unwant noise from the devices
  • Improvement is huge and very effective for sensitive devices
  • By using the exotic material from natural resources, this is the most natural way to absorb emi noises
  • Special request from Giesemann customer, who want to optimise the performance with the grounding box. 
  • We tried to use the same chassis, a small factor size to be placed on the side or at the back of devices.
  • We tested them with Giesemann OCXO Master Clock, Mutec MC3+USB, Goldmund Preamplifier, Headphone amp,  and EtherREGEN, the result is just unbelievable.  

What is the sound impresstion?

  • 1st impression: Music flow much smoother and affortnessly with existing system
  • 2nd impression: The background is much details and immerse with more darkness 
  • The results is a more analogue, deeper soundstage.  

What is included in the Group Buy package?

  • One universal grounding cable in 0.5 Meter to use it for EtherREGEN and Giesemann Clock
  • The Ground Box which plug and play for improvement 
  • One AfterDark. Logo Audiophile WoodMAT for Ground Box

How many version for BLACKICE ground box? 

  • BLACKICE will have two versions.  
  • Emperor Signature
  • Emperor Signature Silver SE

What is the maxmium device to connect on single BLACKICE Ground Box?

  • We suggested the maxmium two devices for optimal results.

What is the optional "Made to Order" ground cable?  

  • USB Ground Cable
  • Network RJ45 Ground Cable
  • RCA Ground Cable
  • XLR Ground Cable
  • BNC Ground Cable
  • Speaker Pole Ground Cable
  • Power plug Ground Cable


AfterDark. Giessemann OCXO Reference Master 10M Clock x BLACKICE Ground Box



The connecting pole is using pure silver plug from Audio Note for maximum electrical contact for optimial performances.



Silver version of BLACKICE Ground Box will comes with one Silver Ground cable made by Duelund Audio



For maximise electric contact, the Furutech Rhodium banana plug is selected.



The BLACKICE Ground Box is designed in small factor size, colour in Matt Black



Type: OCXO Clock

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