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AfterDark. Project ClayX Clementine Reference Power Cable


The AfterDark. Project ClayX Clementine Reference Power Cable uses pure conductors made from high purity copper. These are isolated with special composite layers of cross-linked elastomer.  All connectors are covered with Carbon Fiber Isolated Layer. (CFIL) which cab brings more darkness and details at the background.   

The outer layer will be wovened by special Carbon Fiber material to enhance the emi protection layer.   

The Project ClayX range deliver reference grade performance thanks to its combination of AfterDark. Carbon Fiber Technology and highly sophisticated cable constructions tecnhiques. 

We highly recommend this cable to use it on sensitive audiophile systems. 

What is the standard length of the power cable? 

  • 1.82M is golden ratio as standard   

Which audiophile gears can be benefit with it?

  • Preamp, DAC, Giesemann Master Clock, Phono amp 
  • Buffalo BS-GS2016 Network Switch  

“Made To Measure” 
“Each element of a power cable can be brought out and expressed through made to measure. From the power plug detailing to the precise cut of Carbon Fiber Shielding , AfterDark believe the unique style of cable should pursuit minimalist style to ensure all is built around with client and unique style." 

Type: Power Cables

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