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AfterDark. Project ClayX GIESEMANN BNC 50ohm Clock Cable


. AfterDark. Project ClayX GIESEMANN BNC 50ohm Clock Cable 

GIESEMANN BNC 50ohm Clock Cable 設計特點? 

  • 採用 HUBER+SUHNER Shielding 信號線, 連接確保信號的最高標準, Tailor made for Audio Grade 10M Clock for application such as Extreme High Frequency (0-33GHz). 
  • 採用 HUBER+SUHNER 50ohm BNC Plug , Support MAX High Frequency 33GHz  
  • Made in Swiss form  HUBER+SUHNER   

GIESEMANN BNC 50ohm Clock Cable 的聲音風格? 

  • 低音更加精緻, 中高音更甜美, 細節豐富與高雅微動態分析風格, 背景更加黑
  • 空間分離感增加. 焦點更準確.
  • 由於使用 HUBER+SUHNER Shielding 信號線屏蔽,數字信號更加黑,帶豐富細節. 

GIESEMANN BNC 50ohm Clock Cable Specification?

  • Adopted HUBER + SUHNER Shielding cable, to ensure the transmission of highest standard of signal,
  • This cable is tailor made for Audio Grade 10M Clock for application such as Extreme High Frequency (Maximum frequency support is 33GHz).
  • The BNC plug is made from highest standard from  HUBER + SUHNER 
  • Made in Swiss form HUBER + SUHNER

GIESEMANN BNC 50ohm Clock Sounding and highlights?

  • Full density and darkness in background , increased sense of sound separation. This is the sense of reference grade cable, which give you more natural sounding and smooth mid-range. 
  • The deepest of background and details on every instrument representation is just amazing.
  • The details improves as the reflection on signal is reduced by using the leading signal cable from HUBER + SUHNER 
  • HUBER + SUHNER Shielding cable ensure highest level of 10M Clock signal to the 10M Giesemann Master Clock

 SELECT GIESEMANN OCXO 10M Reference Grading: 

The OCXO installed in the product can calibrate the products used in industrial equipment for a long time, and use equipment with good characteristics. In order to optimally select the audio clock, we comprehensively evaluate with Symmetricom Flagship 5125A to analysis the phase noise characteristics and short-term stability (Allen dispersion) that can be determinate the OCXO grading accordingly.

The OCXO installed in this product uses a stable OCXO unit that has been calibrated for several months. In order to make the best choice of OCXO. We are conducting a comprehensive evaluation of phase noise characteristics and short-term stability (Allen dispersion) during detailed inspection. 

The final product will final measured and fine tuned with Keysight 53220A with reference to Atomic Clock , GPSDO. 

Choose a base value 
Phase noise: -119 to -113 dBc / Hz or lower at 1 Hz offset (Grades) -137 dBc / Hz or lower at 10 Hz offset

[Emperor Giesemann EVA] Phase Noise -120dBc at 1 Hz / -140dBc at 10 Hz

[Emperor Giesemann] Phase Noise -118dBc at 1 Hz / -140dBc at 10 Hz

[Emperor Triple Crown] Phase Noise -114dBc at 1 Hz / -137 dBc at 10 Hz

Allan variance short-term stability reference value

[Emperor Giesemann EVA]TAU = 1sec 2.50E-13 or less(0.00025ppb / s)

[Emperor Giesemann] TAU = 1sec 2.78E-13 or less(0.00028ppb / s)
[Emperor Triple Crown] TAU = 1sec 3.8E-13 or less(0.00038ppb / s)

Technical index

  • Ultra-low phase noise OCXO 10MHz oscillator
  • Optional BNC cable.
  • Output: 10 MHz x 1 system, sine wave
  • Output impedance: 50 ohm 
  • Body size: W141mm x D210mm x H90mm 
  • Weight about 2.0 kg
  • Required External DC power supply: DC 5V/12V 1A 
  • External DC plug standard: 2.1mm / 5.5mm
  • 2 years free maintenance warranty
  • Design and specifications are subject to change without notice
  • Made in Hong Kong 

Type: OCXO Clock

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