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AfterDark. Project ClayX Giesemann Custom OCXO By Audiophile - PROJECT ALPHA

Grade vs Phase Noise@10Hz
BLACK Edition
Internal LPS Build In - Voltage

AfterDark. Project ClayX Giesemann Custom OCXO By Audiophile - PROJECT ALPHA   


    The product uses the selected audio grade OCXO, and through long-term calibration to select and install equipment with excellent stability.

    • OCXO that employs with qualitative measure equipment.
    • OCXO is enclosed and covered with Dynamat Extreme Corporation (Made in USA) which is used to stabilize and minimize heat separation,  addition EMI material from KEMET EMI Shielding is placed on top of OCXO,  the outer layer is covered with real leather to isolate the heat factors for maximizing OCXO performance . 
    • Black Alu material + Carbon Fiber material front and backplate, solid anti-vibration. In addition, due to the thickness used, 3mm / 6mm Carbon Fiber material material with plate can provide solid EMI/ magnetic coverage.
    • Advanced instrument Symmetricom 5125A calibrated with plotted characteristics. The phase noise, and Allen Derivation defines different grades of the OCXO. 
    • Hand made in Hong Kong 
    • 2 years warranty 
    • Internal R-Core LPS power supply included

      AfterDark. Black Modernize Internal LPS power supply 
      This device is designed to operate with internal R-Core Linear Power Supply designed for OCXO. This R-Core is extreme low ripple noise, made by copper and designed to enhance the dynamic and mid-range on Audio application. The electric transmission is further enhanced be Carbon Fiber back plate x Schurter IEC Inlet. 

      Level selection value
      The OCXO installed in the product can calibrate the products used in industrial equipment for a long time, and use equipment with good characteristics. In order to optimally select the audio clock, we comprehensively evaluate with Symmetricom Flagship 5125A to analysis the phase noise characteristics and short-term stability (Allen dispersion) that can be determinate the OCXO grading accordingly.

      The OCXO installed in this product uses a stable OCXO unit that has been calibrated for several months. In order to make the best choice of OCXO. We are conducting a comprehensive evaluation of phase noise characteristics and short-term stability (Allen dispersion) during detailed inspection. 

      The final product will final measured and fine tuned with Keysight 53220A with reference to Atomic Clock , GPSDO. 

      Quality of OCXO is determined by Phase Noise at 1Hz / at 10Hz
      Phase noise: -119 to -113 dBc / Hz or lower at 1 Hz offset (Grades) -137 dBc / Hz or lower at 10 Hz offset

      GRADE Phase Noise@ 10Hz Phase Noise@ 1Hz
      PRINCE -131 -100
      QUEEN -132 -103
      KING -134 -107
      Emperor Signature SE+ -142 -114
      Emperor CROWN -140 -113
      Emperor DOUBLE CROWN -141 -117
      Emperor TRIPLE CROWN -142 -118
      Emperor Giesemann -143 -120
      Emperor Giesemann EVA -145 -121


      Technical index 

      • Ultra-low phase noise OCXO 10MHz oscillator 
      • Optional BNC cable.
      • Output: 10 MHz x Trifecta system, square wave
      • Output impedance: 75 ohm 
      • Body size: W141mm x D210mm x H90mm 
      • Weight about 3.0 kg
      • Build in AfterDark. Progressive R-Core Linear Power Supply 
      • Schuter IEC Inlet. 
      • 2 years free maintenance warranty
      • Design and specifications are subject to change without notice
      • Made in Hong Kong 

      Type: OCXO Clock

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