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AfterDark. Project ClayX Giesemann KARMANN Server x HANDHARTILO EVA SERIES

Giesemann EVA Limitied Edition included:
10M Master Clock Input
Music Storage Capacity (SSD)

The Giesemann KARMANN Server x HANDHARTILO SERIES - Giesemann EVA Limited Edition     

The new development of Giesemann Reference Audiophile Server 

This version is made to order along with audiophiles's mind. A music lover who requires State of Art Music Server designed to deliver the most relax and high quality music for digital streaming music from Diretta.

We have been emerging from years of researching, comparing the audio components and listening the impression from audiophiles which is keen on utilitise the Giesemann 10M Master Clock for audio optimisations. The Giesemann Reference Audiophile Server is the culmination of what is possible to pursuit in the field of music servers.   



Pushing the limit of material technologies and craftmanship. 

It combines many technological breakthroughs with use of carbon fiber, and selection of chassis material, finding an extreme high quality of OCXO and reaching the measureable limited of high precision measuring equipment. Only the best Audio Grade components is selected from the most respected vendors, and customise design from the audiophile points of view and prospective.  

As you may know, every devices we made is build by hand with high precision equipments. From the best screw driver from PB Swiss Tools, best Soldering devices from Weller, electronic driver from Fein. Every single hand build process, giving equal attention to resonance control, reliability, and user-friendly. 

Selection of Audiophile Motherboard and tweaks with Audio Components

We choose the SoTM sMB-Q370 Motherboard after we listen with it carefully at the system. It is always good to apply some Audio Grade Capacitor for the motherboard for a reason. We selected to use the Audio Capacitor from Frolyt made by Germany, in a way we found to be most neutral to the sound. 



Ever heard of CPU under clocking and Memory under clocking, we always keep the electronic to be run in under clock and maintains moderate heat for CPU and Memory. This keep the music server in optimial sound quality and impoves harmonic sonics and were able to tweaks in BIOS levels on motherboard.

The selection of RAM is selected A-grade memory modules, for industrial use and are matched to within a 1% tolerance and selected for low current draw. The lower heat reduces the refrash rates and noise level significantly. 


Generate Lowest Phase Noise and Latency with Giesemann OCXO 10M Reference Master Clock 

The Giesemann Reference is build for bit perfect with lowest jitter design. With bit perfect streaming, system latency becomes a a significant part of the resulting sound quality.

In the hardware level design, we focused on pushing the limited with the use of single external master clock, and provide sync with the clock inputs on the SoTM sMB-Q370 Audio Grade Motherboard. 

In the software level design, we focused on providing the lowest latency possible for every instruction or set of instructions the server has to manage. The operating system has been optimised and run under the latest development with Windows Server 2022 OS, it is to ensure single core CPU isolation process is activated of what is absolutely needed to run music services.  


Selection of Intel Optane SSD PCIe for System OS with ultra low latency for music 

Lower latency and much lower system noise overall, will improve micro details at the backgrounds, huge space redition and brings an ease to the music playback. In our reserach we found smoother music with Intel Optane SSD PCIe, which is connected directly to the CPU and bypasses the DMI. chipset at the motherboard. 

For music storage, audiophile can select the volume from 2TB up to 8TB Samsung SSD for local music playback. 




High performance Pressive heatsink with latest Graphene Technologies 

Graphene was properly isolated and characterized in 2004 by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov at the University of Manchester. They pulled graphene layers from graphite with a common adhesive tape in a process called either micromechanical cleavage or the Scotch tape technique. The graphene flakes were then transferred onto thin silicon dioxide (silica) layer on a silicon plate ("wafer"). The silica electrically isolated the graphene and weakly interacted with it, providing nearly charge-neutral graphene layers. The silicon beneath the SiO could be used as a "back gate" electrode to vary the charge density in the graphene over a wide range. This work resulted in the two winning the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 "for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene."

Thermal transport in graphene is an active area of research, which has attracted attention because of the potential for thermal management applications. Following predictions for graphene and related carbon nanotubes, early measurements of the thermal conductivity of suspended graphene reported an exceptionally large thermal conductivity up to 5300 W⋅m−1⋅K−1 . That is 14 times compared to thermal conductivity in copper, the server temperature will be much lower with high performance heat transfer from CPU. 





Chassis  : Fanless design, 3mm Aluminum polished chassis,  completely passive cooled for silent operation improving resonance control and heat dissipation   

CPU  : Intel 9th generations 8 cores i9-9900T CPU / Low TDP Special Edition 

Ram  : 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz custom industrial module with EMI Shielding Material  (Standard Included) 

System  : Custom Audio Optimized Windows Server 2022 OS, Fully tweaked BIOS, Ultralow Jitter and Ultra low latency 

Audio Output  : USB  

Storage  : Intel Optane SSD 905p Series 480G AIC Version (Read: 2600MB/s Write: 2200MB/s) with Windows Server 2022 OS, Standard Included Music SSD storage from range of 2TB up to 8TB Samsung SSD 

Audio Formats supported  : WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, MP3, DSD, MQA supported audio formats

Software Compatibility  : Roon, HQplayer, Diretta Host, Audirvana, JRiver, JPlay, Diretta Target

Connections  : External connections consist of 1 HDMI, 1 Display Port , 6 USB ports, 1 LAN ports on board and 2 SFP ports at 1G Connection  

Power Supply for SoTM: Pressive Cooling ATX power supply

Remote Access  : Remote setup and maintenance

Color Options  : Silver and Black 

Dimensions  : 430 × 360 × 90mm (W x D x H)

Weight  : Around 10kg




    Type: Roon

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