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ELA C1 SFP/SFP+ LAN cable 

The world's first* SFP/SFP+ LAN cable developed exclusively for audio

DELA "C1" focuses on the diversity of SFP, and is a different approach from optical cables (reference: our OP-SFP) that "expect noise reduction from upstream", and is based on the premise of "connecting between SFP-compatible audio devices". This is an SFP cable developed specifically for audio that connects using copper wire.

  • Direct attach
    SFP supports a variety of cable formats, so the connection to the module is abstracted, but direct attach cables directly connect SFP ports without any conversion on the module part. Compared to RJ-45, which needs to support a variety of connections, or optical fiber, which requires optical encoding and decoding, there is no processing overhead, and the configuration is extremely simple. 
  • Silver-plated OFC copper wire is used for the four cable conductors inside the conductor .
  • The SFP module fits firmly into the gold-plated module case . C1 uses a gold-plated module that is clearly distinguishable from the regular SFP module.
  • Mesh tube, Adopts a mesh coating that is less likely to attract and get tangled compared to vinyl coatings. This contributes not only to the appearance but also to the usability.
  • Also compatible with 10Gbps SFP+
  • The cable length is only 2m,
    so long distances cannot be achieved due to the method, so it is specialized for short distances. Also, since it is a single wire specification and difficult to bend, only 2m is available.

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