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Farad Super3 DC Y-Split Cable

DC Y-Split Cable Connector

The Farad Super3 DC Y-Split Cable

Although we think it is better to connect one device to each supply, some situations ask for one supply on two devices. For example when two switches are used which are optically coupled, there cannot be ground loops, and it is possible to use one supply for two switches, to keep things simple and less costly. For these specific situations we designed Y-split cables going from one gold plated GX16-4 to two barrel connectors, which can be either 5.5/2.1+2.1, 5.5/2.1+2.5 or 5.5/2.5+2.5mm. We have made these cable in a fixed length of 80 cm for both lines to fit most applications. We have made a Level 1 and a copper Level 2 version of these cables. 

The Farad Super3 Power Supply  

Super3 is a double regulated 3A super capacitor linear power supply.

With the latest of capacitor technology, it brings a great improvement to any system, when replacing SMPS, but also any other LPS. A Farad supply is the easy way to take the performance of your streamer, media-player, router, network switch, reference clock, modem, or other digital device to a higher level. Also connecting this linear power supply to your turntable, Phono stage, DAC or any other analogue device will give a significant improvement.
A Farad LPS is built for long durability at 24/7 operation with the best sounding A-brand parts inside. Read about the technical background of a Farad power supply here.   


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