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Giesemann Clock Sync Module - Impedance Matching Device

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Input Impedance
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Giesemann Clock Sync Module - Impedance Matching Device

This version is designed along with customer who is recently purchase the Gastard U18 DDC for his audiopile sysytem. Since U18 is requires a specific 50ohms impednace input to work.  He contact AfterDark. and see if we have clocking solution which can provide the flexibility on working with the Giesemann Clock Sync Module (GCSM) special designed to work for the matching the impedance for Gustard U18. 

  • The outputs signal will be in Square Wave, 75 or 50 Ohms with isolated with single output BNC Connectors.
  • The chassis is rigid, heavy weighted and fine tuned with Carbon Fiber for EMI protection and ensure highest stability of Giesemann Clock Sync Module inside
  • Suggested to use external LPS (Linear Power Supply) Sold Separately, with demanding applications and optimised for Giesemann Clock Sync Module
  • Gold plated 2.1mm DC socket to maxmise electrical contact on power supply
  • The color of chassis will be in Black Color
  • Plug and Play compatibilty for Gustard customers 
  • 12V DC at 2A required. LPS is recommended for best performance. 


What is the range of Giesemann OCXO grade can be choose?

  • All grades of Giesemann OCXO from Prince to Emperor Giesemann EVA can be made to order for customers



What is the specification to determined the Quality of OCXO?

  • They can be graded by Phase Noise when compared the measurement result on both 1Hz / 10Hz intervals.
  • Phase noise: -119 to -113 dBc / Hz or lower at 1 Hz offset (Grades) -137 dBc / Hz or lower at 10 Hz offset


GRADE Phase Noise@ 10Hz Phase Noise@ 1Hz
PRINCE -131 -100
QUEEN -132 -103
KING -134 -107
Emperor Signature  -138 -110
Emperor CROWN -140 -113
Emperor DOUBLE CROWN -141 -117
Emperor TRIPLE CROWN -142 -118
Emperor Giesemann -143 -120
Emperor Giesemann EVA -145 -121


Allan variance short-term stability reference value

[Emperor Giesemann EVA]TAU = 1sec 2.50E-13 or less(0.00025ppb / s)

[Emperor Giesemann] TAU = 1sec 2.78E-13 or less(0.00028ppb / s)
[Emperor Triple Crown] TAU = 1sec 3.8E-13 or less(0.00038ppb / s)


What is the summery of adjustable frequencies?

  • 100Mhz, 50Mhz, 48Mhz, 25Mhz, 24Mhz, 8Mhz, 4Mhz, 33.8688Mhz,
  • 49.152Mhz, 24.576Mhz, 12.288Mhz, 90.3168Mhz, 45.1584Mhz,
  • DSD: 22.5792Mhz, 11.2896Mhz, 5.6448Mhz
  • Word Clock: 625kHz (NADAC), 192kHz, 176.4kHz, 96kHz, 88.2kHz, 48kHz, 44.1kHz
  • Reference Clock: 10M Master Clock 


What is the standard frequency setting for Merging NADAC customers?

  • Output 1: 625kHz


The miniminst design of Giesemann Clock Sync Module (GCSM) x NADAC will work plug and play for all Merging NADAC


Type: OCXO Clock

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