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Gustard R26 R2R + 1Bit DSD DAC


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Since 2021, AfterDark. introduce the new Giesemann 10M Master Clock. Most customers is already impressed with the improvement for UpTone EtherREGEN. This year 2022, most DAC in the market is introducing the new 10M Master Clock input for audiophiles who wants the best sounding whille unlock the performance on R2R DAC. 

AfterDark. would like to share how we optimised with audiophile system, with 10M Master Clock inputs. The Gustard R26 R2R DAC is the first R2R to build in the Master Clock with i2S hdmi inputs, MQA full decoding via USB and accepting 10M Master Clock inputs from Giesemann 10M Master Clock. The BNC input is 50ohm same input specification with Esoteric gears.  

This Gustard R26 R2R Flagship DAC is very attractive in price, costing 1/4 when compared to others R2R DAC in the market. It is worth to examine this Gustard R26 R2R DAC in details to try them with a high quality Giesemann Clock to maximise the sound quality.    




10M Master Reference clock Input Ready 

R26 R2R can be further optimise its sounding, where we can utilities the 10M Master Reference clock to unlock the real performance on DAC flagship chips ES9038PRO X 2 dual mono independently for 2 channels.  






K2 Technology ULTRA LOW NOISE CLOCK Synthesizer  : USB, I2S, AES, Optical, Coaxial and Lan port inputs can improve with 10M Master Clock Input



AfterDark. Giesemann Clock 10M Reference Master Clock - Edition




Gustard R26 R2R will have USB, Optical, Coaxial, bluetooth, AES , Lan Port and i2S HDMI inputs. For outputs, it'll have RCA and XLR capability. Support LVDS level differential I²S reception (using HDMI interface), it can accept the lowest jitter digital audio! Support up to 7 input modes, compatible with most audio sources! 







Discrete R2R DAC converts the digital signal to analog signal by high precision matching switching resistors in two arrays for each channels.  



Discrete IV conversion circuit and independent adder circuits, ensure high sound quality from the source.



Sony 1Bit Direct DSD Converstion circuit 



Roon Bridge Network Steaming Modules 




Discrete 8 Channels Hybrid I/V Power Conversion Circuit for R2R 






Excellent Linearity with S/N Ratio is exceeding >122dB



Product type Balanced R2R DAC

1x USB-B
1x I2S via HDMI LVDS
1x Coaxial
1x Bluetooth 5.0
1x Optical
1x BNC

1x Lan Port 

Outputs 1x Balanced stereo XLR
1x Single-ended stereo RCA
DAC Chips R2R Discrete / CPLD
Bluetooth chip Qualcomm CSR8675
10M Master Clock  50 Ohm BNC / Sinewave or Square Wave 
USB Interface XMO XU216 
Supported sampling rates USB : PCM up to 32bit 768kHz, Native DSD64 up to DSD512, DSD64 DoP up to DSD256
I2S : PCM up to 32bit 768kHz, Native DSD64 up to DSD1024, DSD64 DoP up to DSD256
AES / Optical / Coaxial : PCM up to 24bit 192kHz, DSD DoP up to DSD64



Power supply 115-230V AC (switchable supply voltage)
Housing material Aluminum alloy
Dimensions 330 x 260 x 65mm
Weight 7.5kg
Color Black / Silver



Type: DAC

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