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Pachanko Stellar Gravity Ground


Each note flows effortlessly with all the details that the system can reproduce. Pachanko Labs is happy to offer the gravity ground to all of our music lovers and enthusiasts. This cable is a piece that will certainly bring the means to touch the Grail and enter the artistic intention of our favourite artists. Here we will rather talk about "Divine" because the gravity ground is simply amazing. A must have for every audiophiles and music lovers to reach the sacred venue.

How to use it?

Simply connect the USB plug in a free port of your Audio Server and the LAN to a free port of your switch. The results is a more analogue, darker noisefloor and a deeper soundstage.

The "Stellar" Gravity Ground use a specific proprietary wire to evacuate the noise efficiently.



- Ohno Continuous Cast multistrand silver plated wire

- USB & RJ45 Aluminium plugs to AC plug 

- Direct effect without any burn-in time needed (Will still improve over time)

- Handcrafted with best quality parts

- Standard length is 1,5m 

- 10 years warranty

- Free Express Worldwide shipping (4-8 working days)

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