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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ER4 x Giesemann OCXO Black Modernize Edition

Project ClayX Modification

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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ER4 x Giesemann OCXO Black Modernize Edition

Audiophile are welcome to approach us for details on modification. The below is an example of modification we done for one customer recently. 

The Project ClayX Black Modernize will include belows: 

  1. Upgrade the Floyt Biopolar Audio Capacitor x 2 to optimise the DC power sections
  2. Upgrade the Duelund Coherent Audio Internal DC cable for sound tuning 
  3. Custom made Giesemann Clock Sync Module (GCSM) installed 
  4. Modification the chassis and install 2.1mm DC socket with Carbon Fiber Backplate  
  5. Installation of new BNC Clock socket at the back of the chassis. 
  6. KAMET EMI Shielding materal apply on Lan Ports. 

Why it is important to use OCXO Master Clock for Network Switch?

  • This is a night and day difference, and Master Clock unlock the full potential on Network Switch 
  • Giesemann Clock is the heart of any digital audio system. It sets the tempo of all the digital pieces of audio equipment in a audiophile system.
  • Based on ultra high precision, the Giesemann clock OCXO is extreme low in phase noise in 1Hz and 10Hz interval. It brings the pivotal timing accuracy that enable DAC, Music Streamer and any audiophile network switch products equipped with a SYNC input of Master Clock to function optimally.


Performance Upgrade with Floyt Bioplar Audio Capacitor on power section.  

The Giesemann Clock Sync Module will be bypass the internal clock with OCXO.


The GCSM will be powered 12V DC with arrays of LT3045 Regulators for OCXO module. The power module will be enhanced with exotic Floyt Bioploar Audio Capacitor x 2.  

What is the special when we design the power section for Giesemann Clock Sync Module (GCSM) ?

  • Single 12V, a universal DC voltage to power the modules. 
  • By using LT3045s in parallel to spread the current, it is designed for very high PSRR.
  • The power section will equiped with Four LT3045 in parallels to ensure Ultra High PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio), this ensure the high ability to remove power supply ripple, if any, on the input external power supply 
  • This ensure highest Audio performance on OCXO with lowest derivation on Phase Noise and Allan Derivation 



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