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CORE AUDIO DAIDO Barebone Music Server

Core Audio DAIDO Roon Server
Streacom FC10被動冷卻箱,帶完整配件

  • 8電路LPS電源(包括一個USB卡供電的電源)
  • 2個用於適當電源的變壓器
  • 華碩micro-ATX主板
  • Intel Core i5 T Gen.8。處理器
  • 2x4 Gb RAM(可選2x8Gb)
  • 512 Gb SSD驅動器(可選1 Tb)
  • 軟件許可證
  1. 預裝WinServer 2016核心模式,已許可
  2. 預裝JRiver 25,已獲得許可
  3. 預裝Audiophile Optimizer 3.0,已獲得許可

音頻PC的世界越來越受歡迎。這是由於已經開發了穩定的軟件解決方案。您再也不需要成為IT專家來組裝此類機器。但是,當想到電源作為音頻PC的心臟時,DIY方法的普及使黎明平靜下來。電源部分很難在家庭條件下解決,因此您的PC完全由LPS電源供電,這是獲得最佳音質的關鍵。 Core Audio通過提供稱為DAIDO Barebone Entry的入門級Music Server機箱產品來解決這一挑戰。

DAIDO準系統入門級被動冷卻音樂服務器機箱基於由兩個獨立變壓器供電的8電路LPS電源。完整的電源內置在被動冷卻的Streacom FC10機箱中。此機箱提供了足夠的空間來裝配mini-ITX標準主板或多單元micro-ATX標準主板。 8個電源電路之一可處理支持時鐘信號的USB卡。


  • 8電路模擬電源(包括一個能夠為加熱的時鐘信號USB卡供電的電源)
  • 2個用於適當電源的變壓器
  • Streacom FC10被動冷卻外殼,帶有完整的配件

CORE AUDIO DAIDO Barebone Music Server

Streacom FC10 passive cooled case with complete accessories

  • 8-circuit analogue power supply (including one able to power even a heated clocksignal USB card)
  • 2 transformers for the proper power supply
  • ASUS micro-ATX motherboard
  • Intel Core i5 T Gen.8. processor
  • 2x4 Gb RAM (optional 2x8Gb)
  • PPV2 TCXO USB Card (optional PPV4 OCXO USB card)
  • 512 Gb SSD drive (optional 1 Tb)
  • Software licenses
  1. - WinServer 2016 core mode pre-installed, licensed
  2. - JRiver 25 pre-installed, licensed
  3. - Audiophile Optimizer 3.0 pre-installed, licensed

The world of Audio PCs is gaining more and more popularity. This is due to the fact that stable software solutions have now developed. You no longer need to be an IT expert to homeassembly such a machine. However, the spread of the DIY approach calms dawn when thepower supply, the heart of the Audio PC, comes to mind. The power supply part is difficult to solve in home conditions so that your PC is full analog powered, which is key to achieving the best sound quality. Core Audio provides an answer to this challenge by offering the entry-level Music Server case product, it is called DAIDO Barebone Entry.

The DAIDO Barebone Entry passive cooled Music Server case is based on an 8-circuit analogue power supply powered by two separate transformers. The complete power supply is built into a passive-cooled Streacom FC10 case. This case provides enough room to assemble in mini-ITX standard motherboards or multi-unit micro-ATX standard motherboards. One of the 8 supply circuit can handle a clock-signal supported USB card.


  • 8-circuit analogue power supply (including one able to power a heated clock-signal USB card)
  • 2 transformers for the proper power supply
  • Streacom FC10 passive cooled housing with complete accessories

Type: Roon

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