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CORE AUDIO DAIDO Reference Music Server

CORE AUDIO DAIDO Reference Roon Server

AGC12 Ultimate OCXO Master Clock Controlled Roon Server 

  • LPS 電源:由精心選擇的特殊Audio Grade 組件製成。每個組件的完全模擬電源。它具有低輸出噪聲的完全平衡。
  • SSD存儲是帶有OCXO主時鐘(AGC12)的振動控制的“音頻級” SSD-USB輸出也連接到AGC12 Master 時鐘
  • 具有定時自動啟動功能的組件-完全無噪音的被動冷卻
  • 帶有特殊設計的佈線和屏蔽的內部銀接線
  • 軟件和設置:更改了BIOS和操作系統設置,以關閉或刪除音樂播放所不需要的功能和應用程序。處理器和內存在操作系統中同步。
  • 核心音頻DAIDO參考數字傳輸和服務器將當今時代的便利性與模擬技術的所有優點融為一體,同時又面向未來。 DENPO DAC的開發旨在匹配運輸工具的所有參數,並以無與倫比的音樂性再現所有細節和細微差別。
  • 動態範圍和頻率擴展現在比早期標準(Redbook CD)好幾倍,並且要使這些聲音可聽見地改善信號源還不夠。整個音頻鏈需要滿足這些參數的新要求。
  • 統一的理念和標準確保Core Audio產品為挑剔的觀眾帶來完美的空間暗示,真實感和不妥協的聆聽體驗。由於信息量的增加,更多和更好的細節可能需要我們重新學習如何聽音樂。


CORE AUDIO DAIDO Reference Music Server

AGC12 Precision oven-controlled masterclock generator featuring high stability and ultra-low phase noise, also used in GPS technology

  • CAP1 Analogue Power Supply: Made from carefully selected special components. A fully analogue power supply for each component. It is fully balanced with low output noise.
  • Storage is a vibration controlled 'audio grade' SSD with OCXO masterclock (AGC12) -USB output is also connected to an AGC12 clock
  • Components with timed automated start-up.-Totally noiseless, passive cooling
  • Silver internal wiring with specially designed routing and shielding
  • Software and settings: Altered BIOS and operating system settings to switch off or delete functions and applications that are not necessary for music playback. Processor and memory are synchronised in the operating system.
  • The Core Audio DAIDO Reference digital transport and server merges the   convenience of our times with all the virtues of analogue technology while being future-proof at the same time. The DENPO DAC was developed to match all the parameters of the transport and reproduces all details and nuances with unparalleled musicality.
  • Dynamic range and frequency extension is several times better now than in earlier standards (Redbook CD ) and to make these audible improving the source is not sufficient. The whole audio chain needs to meet the new requirement of these parameters.
  • The uniform philosophy and standards guarantee that Core Audio products bring perfect spatial cues, realism and uncompromised listening experience for the discerning audience. More and better details may require us to re-learn how we listen to music due to the increased amount of information.



Type: Roon

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