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Gustard DDC-U16 Digital Reclocker x 10M Master Clock


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Gustard DDC-U16 Digital Reclocker x 10M Master Clock 

  • Based on the latest USB audio interface solution ES8620 from ESS,Supports up to PCM 32bit/768KHz and DSD512, and supports both DoP and Native DSD.
  • ESS's USB audio interface chip design is a completely optimized architecture for high-quality digital audio signal processing. It is not a general-purpose chip with USB digital audio interface code, so it is immediate in terms of sound quality improvement


  • A 128MB SDRAM is used as the system buffer and digital audio processing FIFO.
  • Most of the space is used for internal scheduling of the USB audio interface IC, and the redundant space is reserved as much as possible to ensure that other business logic operations other than the USB audio interface function in the main IC do not interfere with the digital audio processing flow.
  • In order to achieve optimal digital audio performance, the actual digital audio processing FIFO capacity is reduced to a minimum to ensure the lowest digital domain delay and digital output jitter performance;

To ensure the highest quality digital audio signals and the best clock jitter performance, the U16 uses up to three FPGAs to implement USB audio interface clock management and the audio clock frequency synthesizers in the external 10M clock circuit.
This part of the circuit is powered independently, to avoid mutual interference of the internal wiring of the FPGA;

  • In the core circuit of the USB audio interface, an FPGA is used to implement the USB audio interface IC running in the Slave mode.
  • USB audio interface IC receives the audio clock signal generated by the clock management FPGA and outputs only the digital audio data signal, thereby minimizing the digital signal interference introduced during the USB transmission process;

The U16 has an external 10M clock input*, and the user can choose to access an external high-quality 10M clock reference source to further improve the sound quality.

* U16 does not automatically switch the clock source after accessing the external 10M clock. You must manually select the internal and external clock sources.

  • The audio clock synthesis circuit in the external 10M clock circuit uses two FPGAs corresponding to the audio main clock frequency synthesizer of the 44.1KHz and 48KHz base frequencies.
  • This design, on the one hand, avoids the crosstalk of the internal wiring of the FPGA; on the other hand, it also uses the relevant resources in the FPGA chip as efficiently as possible.
  • The frequency accuracy and jitter performance of the final synthesized audio main clock signal of this circuit have reached the limit performance level of the Current design;

  • The local audio clock source uses a pair of femtosecond clocks.
  • This unit uses two ACCUSILICON AS318-B ultra low phase noise crystals as the local audio clock source, and the RMS jitter is as low as 88 femtoseconds (10Hz-1MHz).
  • In addition to the standard digital audio outputs, the U16 also has a flexible BNC output whose output signal can be freely selected between Word Clock or S/PDIF.

The U16's built-in linear regulated power supply uses an audio-specific toroidal transformer.

Product specifications

Digital input:
USB port: USB Type-B female port, support USB2.0
10M BNC input: input impedance 50 Ohm, 0dBm-16dBm

Digital output:

  • RCA coaxial S/PDIF port: output impedance 75 Ohm, output level 500mVpp @75 Ohm load
  • 24bit 44.1k-384k/DOP64-128
  • XLR AES3 port: output impedance 110 Ohm, output level 2.1Vpp @110 Ohm load
  • 24bit 44.1k-384k/DOP64-128
  • OPTICAL TOSLINK port: 24bit 44.1k-192k /DOP64
  • Multi-function BNC port:
  • output impedance 75 Ohm, S/PDIF output level:750mVpp @75 Ohm load
  • S/PDIF support specification (when S/P OUT is selected): 24bit 44.1k-384k/DOP64-128
  • Word Clock output level:3.3Vpp MAX @ noload
  • Word Clock output frequency (when WCK OUT is selected): PCM: 44.1k-768k.
  • DSD: 2.82M-22.57M
  • IIS over HDMI interface (non-standard HDMI interface):
  • differential I2S signal with LVDS output level,
  • PCM: 32bit 44.1k-768k, DSD: 2.82M-22.57M (DSD64-DSD512)

Other specifications:

  • Windows driver supports Windows 7 (SP1 and newer); Windows 8; Windows 10
  • No additional drivers required for Mac OS and Linux
  • All-aluminum chassis with sandblasted surface, available in silver (white) and black.
  • AC power supply: AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: <15W
  • Dimensions: width 220mm * height 50mm * depth 170mm (without protruding parts)
  • Packed size: length 185mm * width 170mm * height 85mm
  • Packed weight: 2.5KG

No additional drivers required for Mac OS and Linux



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