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Panasonic eneloop Charger BQ CC65 with LCD Display, 4 eneloop Pro AAA Battery Box

Battery Option

Panasonic eneloop Charger BQ CC65 with LCD Display, 4 eneloop Pro AAA Battery Box 

一起團購"爸" - Group Buy Together Dad (GBTD)

終極eneloop Pro版充電器Panasonic BQ CC65 特別為電池男設計 Top 5 Best Charger ever made in this world.

Group Buy Item includes:
1 x Panasonic eneloop Charger BQ CC65 with LCD Display

予定價格 EUR59.00
團購價格 $680

Quick Overview
- Shows battery status on LCD screen
- Shows capacity, voltage, time and Wh
- Has refresh function
- Has USB port to charge mobile devices

The BQ-CC65 charger is suitable for charging 4 AA and / or AAA rechargeable batteries.
Charges the batteries in 1.5 to 3 hours.

The BQ-CC65 charger is supplied without batteries.
Length: 147 mm
Width: 88 mm
Height: 40 mm


Type: Group

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