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Waversa LAN-isolator-EXT1

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Waversa System is based in Korea, produce some of the very innovative network product for audiophiles.

The latest development of lan isolator removes noise from Lan cables and provides excellent sound quality, the device is speical design with huge isolator performance. It dramatically upgrades the sound quality of digital streaming. Highly recommended to increase dynamic and details in audiophile system.

The open boxes of EXT1: 





The inside of WLAN Isolator: 




WLAN Isolator has a patented technology structure that uses electromagnetic waves to remove noise . With this structure, it is a product that focuses on removing noise generated from the LAN port and noise generated outside, and taking advantage of the musical nuances . Calling this device an "isolator" is an abstract name for its role of simply isolating noise, but the reality is not simple.





The internal wiring of the WLAN Isolator is a very thin wire of 0.1mm to 0.2mm, and all 32 points are soldered. The work is very difficult, it takes a long time to make, and it is reminiscent of the work of making a phono cartridge.



How to use

It's easy to use. Simply connect the WLAN Isolator to the upstream device with the short cable included with the main unit, and connect the LAN cable you have been using to the other port.


Network audio, computer streaming, noise, sound quality

Network audio, which uses computer streaming, becomes harsh due to noise , and above all, its musicality deteriorates. That's why digital network audio, which should be better , is less musical than CDs .

WLAN-isolator-Ext1 Electromagnetic noise

Webersa has made a lot of efforts in computer streaming to reduce the adverse sound quality effects of noise. We have launched special products such as WSmartHub, WRouter, WBridge, and WCORE that bring excellent sound quality improvement, and we also have a lineup of WVshield cables. Then, the most worrisome thing is how much the sound quality is different from WSmartHub and WRoutor that this WLAN Isolator removes network noise.

If WSmartHub brings about changes in the overall structure,
WLAN Isolator represents the sophistication inside the structure.

EMI / RFI / Impulse Noise Impluse Noise

Audio is very vulnerable to noise. There are various types of noise that adversely affect sound quality, but the noises that greatly affect computer streaming are EMI, RFI, and impulse noise .

WLAN-isolator-Ext1 Impulse noise

The main role of WSmartHub and WRouter is to block EMI noise from the cable . RFI noise
that enters beyond the coating is a problem at the end of the cable and can be solved with a cable.
However, no matter how much the cable is shielded, RFI noise cannot be completely blocked.


WLAN Isolater is a patented electromagnetic (Electromagnetic) technology , the removal of the RFI noise and Impluse noise coming from the cable, also revive the equipment fine sound is.

Technology to remove RFI and Impluse Noise "WLAN Isolater"

The first noticeable change in sound quality when connecting a WLAN Isolater is that the microdynamics (small sounds) are very good. The nuances of the music are clearly revived, and the singer feels more polite.



RFI noise and Impluse noise are lower energies in the higher frequency range than EMI noise. Musically, it is a higher-order overtone region.

Very quiet sounds in the high-order harmonic overtone band that could not be heard due to the influence of noise are revived, and a richer tone can be created more musically.


WLAN Isolater removes small noises such as RFIs that cannot be completely removed by electrical methods such as WSmartHub.

In other words, WSmartHub removes a lot of noise, WLAN Isolater removes even very small particles of noise, all the small sounds are revived, and the musical nuance is dramatically enhanced.




AfterDark. Baffalo BS-GS2016 x WLAN Isolator 

Sound quality improvement

  The changes in sound quality are not only general changes such as "clean", "cleared", and "hearing inaudible sounds" with noise removed, but also changes only for WLAN Isolater .

The biggest change revives the subtle sounds that were buried in the noise and could not be heard.


The small sounds, overtones, and ambience of fine particles, which were difficult to achieve digitally, are reproduced as if they were analog.

Therefore , it keeps the musicality of network audio, which has been reduced in musicality .

Another big advantage is that the sound is colored like a general noise filter, the sound is reduced and quiet, but the high range is rolled off and scraped, and the low range is cut. It means that there are no chronic disadvantages of filters such as no ultra-low range .

Rather, WLAN Isolater revives the high range , the sharpness of the sound improves by extending to the end , the low range is beautiful and sinks very comfortably , and small sounds such as reverberation and ambience are revived, so the sound stage also comes out three-dimensionally . ..


WSmartHub has a larger sound stage, focusing, quietness, clarity, cleanliness , fineness and sophistication , and WLAN Isolator can express smaller and finer sound particles . If you connect a WLAN Isolator, the microdynamics will be much better .


The sound that was ringing in one mass is separated into two or three , the change in the micro region of the boundary between sound and sound is remarkable, and fine sound particles swim in the created spatial region, and the sound It feels like you're free from bondage .


The density in the sound image is densely increased, the color of the sound is revived, the breathing sound of the singer, the lingering sound that continues to the end improves the sense of space and air, the vivid tone becomes denser, and the digital and musical nuances The sensibilities are revived, and the music becomes more musical.

How to use?

Method 1: Connect the WLAN isolator to the LAN port of the upstream device.


Method 2: Connect the WLAN isolator to the LAN port of the DAC.


Method Two

Connect the WLAN Isolator to the upstream LAN port.
Then connect another WLAN Isolator to the DAC's LAN port.
The installation cost will increase, but the performance of the WLAN Isolator will be most effective.


W Smarthub x1 + WLAN-isolator x2

  1. Connect the WLAN Isolator to the upstream LAN port.
  2. Connect to WSmartHub.
  3. Connect another WLAN Isolator to the DAC's LAN port.

Dynamic range, microdynamics, and musical nuances are all revived, achieving a level of sound quality that is difficult to experience with digital sound sources.







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