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Audiophile Grade Networking System

AfterDark. Constellation (CFS) Audiophile Network Cable (Telegartner MFP8 Edition)

Telegartner MFP8 Edition
Angle Plug


AfterDark. x 音響夜冷店 2017推出新產品: AfterDark. Constellation (CFS) CAT 7 Lan Cable (Telegartner MFP8 Edition)

店主設計這LAN Cable用於 daisyCAS, audiophileCAS, network player and NAS。

碳纖維起源於航空材料,但隨著這種材料的使用越來越廣泛,碳纖維屏蔽已經成功地解決電子設備與EMI(電磁干擾), 成功用碳纖維複合屏蔽方式應用於發燒音響Network Cable.

 Technical Specification:

  • First Layer of aluminum foils for 4 pairs of AWG23 0.57mm core cables, each pairs was covered by layer of aluminum foils with providing 100 % coverage to eliminate the interference between each pairs of core cables. 
  • Superior dual-layer isolation, 1st Layer of aluminum foils for High Frequency (HF) Effective shielding. SFS-PE (Foam-Skin Polyethylene) insulated and 2nd layer of copper wire braiding. This will prevent external noise from getting to the signal conductors, shields the shield of the cable to further prevent the ingress of noise (RFI, etc.) into the signal wires.
  • Third Layer of Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) Woven for EMI shielding, the highest standard of shielding material which mainly used for industrial and most demanding engineer on special project.  
  • “Extra Grounding Wire” was placed between Superior dual-layer isolation for extra safety and provide electrostatic shielding on the cable, this grounding wire can only be found on the highest specification of CAT 7 and designed for “Professional Use” in Computer Data Center and Server Room where the electronic static protection is critical factor for 24x7 operation.
  • Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors, 4 x 2 AWG 23/1, solid twisted single core pair.
  • High speed low-loss SFTP LSZH insulation: high quality insulation for cables that has less impact on the signal and insulates the conductors well. LSOH IEC 60332-1, Outer Dimension : 7.8mm
  • Category 7 RJ45 connector: Telegartner MFP8 Plug (Made in Germany) gold-plated conductor pins enclosed inside the extruding solid spring steel, safety pressured plug not only tighten but also provide moderate contact force for mission critical device,  the highest standard for Audio Grade connector. 
  • All hand Made in Hong Kong by AfterDark.


  • AfterDark Constellation (CFS) CAT 7 Lan Cable is designed for critical application with extremely low-jitter, bit-perfect communication which can only be made by hand carefully one by one.
  • As we know audiophile who required their music production to have better sense of space in the soundstage with exceptional clarity and delicate resolution reproduction. The digital source and the path of the network play an important roles even, it cannot be fully explained with modern computer engineering theory. 
  • Shop owner was very aware of how important a clean ground plane is in digital audio. Because it acts as the reference for every calculation of voltage in the digital audio system, the cleaner you can keep your ground plane, the cleaner your audio will sound thanks to the prevention of significant amounts of jitter and noise. As a result, we have introduce the Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) technology for our product line from power cable to digital cables. 
  • The Constellation (CFS) CAT 7 Lan Cable is a big step to apply the CFS to keep the signal cleaner and eliminate the noise by apply third layers of shielding, just to ensure the digital signal is always in optimal level. 
  • “Connecting The Constellation Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) Network Cable brought a depth and timbre presentation to my music that I haven’t heard before” The audiophile after listening with the cable. 
  • “Definitely, the Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) do have very positive impact on any digital cables, like network cable and USB cable” 
  • After applying Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) to the cable, the signal is unchanged in its overall character / signature, but everything just got clearer and more open. There was more space in the sound, both in the overall size of the soundstage, but also in terms of the space around each instrument / sound.
  • By apply Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS), it improve isolated ground plane allowing every sound to be more accurately transfer with no hash / background noise to muddy the end signal.
  • The Constellation (CFS) CAT 7 Lan Cable can help to prevent noise from reaching your network player so an audiophile DAC will benefit from a carbon fiber shielding cable upgrade. In fact, any affordable DAC will generally handle noise worse than an expensive DAC so the good network cable may be even more important.


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