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AfterDark. 序


店主AfterDark. 以一個雄心勃勃的目標開啟這家店鋪 - 通過使用回收部件和應用他的音響發燒友經驗來構建一些創新的音響產品,然而AfterDark. 產品對大多數人來說是可負擔的。

由AfterDark. 提供的售後服務。將會是成為世界獨一無二。AfterDark. x 音響夜冷店將會每天晚上9點開放。我們不會直接將我們的產品與其他知名音響品牌對手進行比較。




所有AfterDark. 音響產品在香港每日夜晚9點開始...人手製作。


AfterDark. Unique Philosophy

: Attitude
Cultivate the culture of grow or do something different to innovate people in niche market.


: Personality
Grow with aged and experience. A unique Individuality. Always experimental, curious, try things. And if I like this product, I do it again!
: Craftsmanship
Never compromised.
: Minimalist

: Environmental Friendly

Sourcing recycling parts to renew on new product.

Let's celebrate!

AfterDark. is delighted to have successful shows at HighEnd Munich 2024.🙂

Please feel free to share the discount code with friends.We love to hear more music lover to enjoy this great product. 

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