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AfterDark. Black Magic MKII Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) I2S HDMI Cable


AfterDark. Black Magic MKII Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) I2S HDMI Cable 


AfterDark. x 音響夜冷店 2018推出新產品: Black Magic MKII Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) HDMI Cable 

店主設計這I2S HDMI線用於Denafrips IS2 HDMI R2R DAC, AfterDark. Project ClayX I2S to I2S HDMI Bridge, Rockna DAC, UHD Bluray Player, 4K OLED TV

碳纖維起源於航空材料,但隨著這種材料的使用越來越廣泛,碳纖維屏蔽已經成功地解決電子設備與EMI(電磁干擾), 成功用碳纖維複合屏蔽方式應用於發燒音響HDMI數碼線上.

為什麼選擇AfterDark.I2S HDMI?
雖然I2S HDMI應該還要一段頗長時間才能普及,不過 AfterDark. 如今已開始作好準備. 隨著去年AfterDark. Black Magic i2S HDMI的成功,我們得到了很多來自美國和法國音頻論壇的積極反饋。 他們希望設計獨特,並使用i2s HDMI播放器提供出色的聲音表現。

對於今年,我們一直在測試電子領域, 商用工業上使用的所有特殊屏蔽材料,我們感興趣的是i2s HDMI插頭上的材料,接觸點,屏蔽,金屬成分和每根內部電線的精確長度 影響HiFi系統上發燒友的溫暖細節音樂。

以滿足市場對高性能的需求, I2S HDMI的特點,AfterDark. 最快會於今年第季四初向AfterDark網上商店發佈. 即意味著今年AfterDark.有可能會見到對應I2S HDMI for Audiophile的產品在發燒音響市場上出現."

AfterDark. Black Magic I2S HDMI MKI和MKII有什麼不同?

  • 一層碳纖維屏蔽編織用於EMI屏蔽和兩層鋁箔用於高頻有效屏蔽:這將防止外部噪聲進入信號導體,屏蔽電纜屏蔽以進一步防止噪聲進入(RFI,等)進入地平面。
  • 卓越的五層隔離,第一層鋁箔,用於高頻(HF)有效屏蔽。 SFS-PE(泡沫 - 聚乙烯)絕緣和第二層銅線編織在每對單獨的絞合線上。這將防止外部噪聲進入信號導體,屏蔽電纜屏蔽,進一步防止噪聲(RFI等)進入信號線。第三層鋁金屬層,用於雙絞線和連接器之間的物理隔離。第四層銅金屬,用於EMI屏蔽隔離。第五層鉛金屬層,用於增加物理質量,以便在HDMI連接器上實現防震。
  • 鍍銀無氧銅(OFC)24AWG導體,24K鍍金​​觸點
  • 支持HDMI 2.0標準,4K @ 120Hz 18Gbps,HDR和10bits。
  • Atoms支持32個頻道,
  • 推薦用於Audiophile I2S DAC的音頻級I2S HDMI線。 (Denefrips Pontus R2R,Rockna DAC,PS Audio DS)
  • 高速低損耗氣體發泡聚乙烯絕緣材料:對電纜的高質量絕緣,對信號的影響較小,並使導體絕緣。
  • 額外的EMI屏蔽材料適用於兩個HDMI連接器,以防止噪音進入電視或I2S HDMI連接器。
  • 24K鍍金​​商用級金屬HDMI連接器。
  • 全部由AfterDark手工製作。
Why AfterDark. I2S HDMI?
Along with the success of AfterDark. Black Magic i2S HDMI last year, we have a lot of positive feedback from US and France audio forum. They would like something is unique in design and provide excellent sound performance with their i2s HDMI player. 

for this year, we have been testing all the special shielding material used on commercial industrial on electronic field, what we found interested is the material on the i2s HDMI plug, contact points, shielding, metal compositions and precise length of each of the internal wire affect the warm detail musical sounding for audiophile on their HiFi system.

What is the different between Black Magic I2S HDMI MKI and MKII?
This is a upgrade version of MKII, sounding tends to more focus and luxury high with high quality airy feel, 3 frequency is improved in soundstage, more musical and smooth , very good for vocal, jazz and best for classical music.

  • One Layer of Carbon Fiber Shielding woven for EMI shielding and Two Layer of aluminum foils for high frequency effective shielding: This will prevent external noise from getting to the signal conductors, shields the shield of the cable to further prevent the ingress of noise (RFI, etc.) into the ground plane.
  • Superior Five-layer isolation, 1st Layer of aluminum foils for High Frequency (HF) Effective shielding. SFS-PE (Foam-Skin Polyethylene) insulated and 2nd layer of copper wire braiding on each individual pairs of twisted wire. This will prevent external noise from getting to the signal conductors, shields the shield of the cable to further prevent the ingress of noise (RFI, etc.) into the signal wires. 3rd Layer of aluminum metal layer for physical isolation between twisted wires and connector. 4th Layer of copper metal for EMI shielding isolation. 5th Layer of lead metal for increase physical mass for anti-shock on HDMI connector.
  • Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) 24AWG conductors, 24K gold plated contacts
  • HDMI 2.0 standard, 4K@120Hz 18Gbps, HDR and 10bits supported.
  • Atoms Supported 32 channels,
  • Audio grade I2S HDMI cable for Audiophile I2S DAC recommended. (Denefrips Pontus R2R, Rockna DAC, PS Audio DS)
  • High speed low-loss gas-foamed polyethylene insulation: high quality insulation for cables that has less impact on the signal and insulates the conductors well.
  • Additional EMI Shielding Material apply on both HDMI connectors to prevent noise goes to TV or I2S HDMI connector.
  • 24K Gold Plated commercial grade metal HDMI connectors.
  • All hand Made in Hong Kong by AfterDark.
The AfterDark. Black Magic I2S HDMI cable uses heavy Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors for all 19 of the paths. Currently it outperforms any I2S HDMI interconnect ever made, while it is exceed the all HDMI 2.0b standard. The bandwidth of HDMI 2.1 @ 48Gbps vs HDMI 2.0b @18Gbps which is significantly higher than the clock rates used in even high resolution digital audio and is engineered specifically to handle up to 8K for critical application with highest HDMI specification. 

Electrical interference and EMI is a big issue to deal with in digital signal transmission and the better the shielding to keep these noises out, the better and cleaner the performance of the cables.  

AfterDark. Black Magic I2S HDMI cable, we use exotic EMI shielding material both on metal HDMI Connectors and make use of our signature Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) technology to provide substantial noise reduction in high frequency interference. 

The sound quality on I2S HDMI DAC is simply stunning, high frequency extension very smoothly with full bodies of details presentation. The I2S signal was greatly benefit by CFS technology, the interference on EMI on 4G was further minimized, in returns of much darker background and more deeper on details rendering. 

We have positive comments from one audiophile customer ordering 2 units for Sony A1 4K OLED HDTV:

"Video quality is perfect and stunning in its clarity and three dimensionality on HDR, I cannot believe there is such different compared with other HDMI cables. " .

Recent positive feedback from Denefrips Pontus R2R user:

"The sound quality of this cable simply unlock the performance on my R2R dac, it sound very balance and comfortable, lots of details at the background, the Carbon Fiber Shielding makes a different, high recommended this I2S HDMI for audiophile"


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