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AfterDark. Project ClayX Constellation SFP Module + CAT 8 Network Cable for Audiophile

Cisco SFP + Commscope Single Mode Optical Cable
Cat 8 Network Cable Optimized for "Port B"
SFP+ RJ45 Ethernet Module

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AfterDark. Project ClayX Constellation SFP Module + CAT 8 Network Cable for Audiophile 

Product details:

  • Optimized for New UpTone EtherREGEN switch with built-in SFP optical bridge connected to a single clean output Ethernet
  • Audiophile grade Single Mode Cable made by Commscope for highest quality optical reflection 
  • Cisco Single Mode SFP Modules - Server grade quality for lowest jitters audio data transfer 
  • Customize length of 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters 
  • Applied EMI shielding enhancement for Audiophile SFP Modules 
  • Cat 8 Network Cable is made in Germany by Telegartners - with the lastest CAT8.1 plug optimized to use in "Last Mile" for Port B at EtherREGEN. 
  • The SFP / RJ45 Convertor is enhanced with EMI absorber from KEMET Corp. 
  • 康普(Commscope)製造的發燒級單模電纜, 實現最高質量的光反射
  • Cisco 思科單模SFP模塊- 服務器級質量,實現音頻數據傳輸
  • 定制長度3米,5米,10米
  • SFP模塊的EMI屏蔽增強, 適用於發燒級
  • Cat 8網絡電纜由Telegartners德國製造-最新的CAT8.1插頭經過優化,可用於EtherREGEN的B端口的“Last Mile”。

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