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Raspberry Pi 週刊 第十期

July 04, 2018

Raspberry Pi 週刊 第十期

本週店主會談談, 使用不同BD-ROM規格, Rip光碟時的影響。

有一天客戶問店主: 你能幫我的Pioneer BDR-S11J-X x Ratoc Audio RP-EC5-U3AI升級改機嗎?因為,使用開關電源和風扇, 設計有點奇怪... 這個機王應該具備更好的設計和使用LPS電源和無風扇設計. 

店主答復:是可以的,您可以先升級SATA III Cable,稍後再升級LPS。每次升級後聽到不同之處。Ratoc Audio RP-EC5-U3AI, 製作質量很好,只是需要重新設計. 是可以提高性能. 這次設計可能需要幾週才能為此制定更好的解決方案。請將機器轉交給商店,我們將為您量身定制解決方案。


店主當晚接到客戶的電話問: 如果可能的話,請取消所有的風扇,燈. 風扇太吵了不是防震設計的邏輯。



店主答復:我們可能需要2週的時間來開發,因為它涉及到很多修改, 來實現獨特的設計,我們可能是第一個使用碳纖維板的界面面板。我們正在為此繪製AUTOCAD。碳纖維板的界面面板對EMI屏蔽具有積極的作用,並且消除了翻錄時的共振效應。


店主回復:經過三周後,我們完成定制控制板設計和重新設計LPS部件,以便所有發燒友都會對它的質量和性能感到滿意。主板和LPS設計本身是定制的,受到良好的控制和測試,因此用戶可以長時間翻錄CD專輯。 LPS設計非常穩定,店主相信它甚至可以24小時不間斷運行翻錄。


店主答復:請給我一些來自各個BD-ROM的樣本音樂文件,以供我盲目測試比較。很明顯相比之下, 動態和細微贏很多。

最後,店主與客戶一起開發了一款新產品: AfterDark. Project ClayX x Black Modernize Interface for Pioneer BDR-S11J-X x Ratoc Audio RP-EC5-U3AI



Tidal,Qobuz和Google Play UPnP代理
Moode OS Image Builder

Raspberry Pi Weekly No.10

One customer approach and ask for the modification solution on Pioneer BDR-S11J-X x Ratoc Audio RP-EC5-U3AI.

The shop owner reply: Yes, you could upgrade the SATA cable first, and upgrade the LPS later on. You will hear the difference after each upgrade. Since, this is customize tweak, it may take a weeks to develop a better solution for this. We can examine the way to improve for you. 

The shop owner reply: Please forward the machine to the shop and we will tailor made the solution for you. 

The shop owner received call from customer on the night: Customer asked, if possible please cancel all the fan, light, and switch from the box, he said, the fan was too noisy and shaking, which is not logic for anti-shock design. 

The shop owner reply: We may make use of external LPS for power supply on this, it avoid all heat from using switching power supply, and more silent with fan-less solution. We may customize the control board so that, user can retain all the original parts. However, it needs some time for drawing AutoCAD and redesign with different material and motherboard. 

The customer reply: Ok, Let wait for your good news. After completion, I will bring some of my friends with me and try it on with different BD-ROM for ripping CDs.

The shop owner reply: We may 2 weeks to develop, as it involved a lot of modification to implement the unique design, we may be the first one to use Carbon Fiber board for the interface panel. We are drawing the AutoCAD for this. It should looks great and have positive effect on EMI shielding and cancel the resonance effect during ripping. 

The customer reply: Please take your time to develop this solution for me, I have a lot of CD Albums, it is worth to wait for the best solution on ripping CDs. 

The shop owner reply: After 3 weeks, we completed customize and redesign the LPS so that all audiophile will be pleased for it for the best quality and performance.  The motherboard and LPS design itself is spotless and well controlled and tested so that user can rip CD Albums for long time period. The LPS design is so stable, we confident it can even run 24 hrs. nonstop. The designs looks professional.

The customer reply: After we compared with all the BD-ROM I have, we certainly knows who is the winner. It is all about the timing and micro details, the liveness and dynamic of the music. I can send you the simply ripping file on FLAC and let you guess which is rip from this BD-ROM. This music involved a lot of different composition and it can clear separate the winner. 

The shop owner reply: Please give me some samples music file from each BD-ROM for me to perform blind test for comparison. It is obvious that one music file is better on two separations and stronger dynamic and micro details.

Technical Insight:

Moodeaudio Offical Release 4.0
Newly added functions included:


Modern Adaptive User Interface
Bluetooth with Speaker Sharing and Connect
Parametric 4-band and Graphic 10-band EQ
Airplay, Squeezelite and UPnP renderers
Tidal, Qobuz and Google Play UPnP Proxies
MiniDLNA Media Server
SoX high-quality, multi-threaded resampling
Audio Input/Output Routing
Crossfeed Binaural DSP for Headphones
Auto-shuffle for continuous random play
Custom Radio Station feature
WiFi Access Point (AP) Mode
Pi Touchscreen and local display
Connect to other moOde players
In-Place Software updates
Moode OS Image Builder
Boot from USB drive