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AfterDark. Nocturnes USB Conditioning Over Fiber Optics

Extreme Black Modernize Edition
OCXO Optimised
Cisco AOC SFP Modules with Single Mode Optical Fiber

AfterDark. Nocturnes USB Conditioning Over Fiber Optics


The story behind the new product development

Since we start to selling the new SFP+ module last month, we are quite excited to receive some very special request from one customer. He has a group of people using the Adnaco USB over Fiber Optical system. He is looking for tailor made a device which have the internal clock and wiring updated -  A USB over fiber optic device.  He is very keen on using a fiber optics to enhance the sounding on the USB device on DAC.  

The design of Nocturnes USB Over Fiber Optics 

So we decided to design them with audiophile's mind. The design will be unique and quite innovative with the following enhancements just to enhance the sounding for audiophile.  

  1. A device can filter EMI noises with Fiber Optics 
  2. Perform the RE-clocking function on USB digital signal 
  3. 1st motherboard will receive USB signal from audio sources and turns USB Audio signal into optical format via SFP+ module
  4. 2nd motherboard will receiving the digital signal via SFP+ module and turns the digital signal into clean side
  5. Re-clock the digital signal and optimised by AfterDark. Giesemann OCXO 10M Master Clock. 
  6. The final clean side signal motherboard will be independent power by external linear power supply.  
  7. There will be two box to avoid the EMI pollution, independent powered and isolated with SFP+ modules. 
  8. Since we have two box which can connected by SFP+ modules, the distance will be flexible for customer who has device, distance from the listening room. 


Why not build the 2 isolation board on the same chassis?

  • For audiophile, EMI noise can greatly degrade the sounding
  • Even if the two PCB boards are separated, as long as they are in the same chassis, EMI may still be conducted through radiation and creates EMI electromagnetic interference. 
  • Having two chassis can provide best isolation on EMI noise radiation inside, which can reflect back to the "Clean Zone"

We SFP+ module?

  • This is the best media for transfer digital signal for audiophiles devices, we have tested the range of SFP+ devices, the improvement is huge, music is just more claim and base is more authority. The soundstage is much wider, due to ultra low jitter and reducing the noise floor 
  • This create a physical isolation between the Host (A Machine) and the USB device output (B Machine), the physical isolation create much better benefit when using the SFP+, which is higher in specification, and ultra low jitter for critical digital transmission.  
  • Maximise the speed and quality for the digital transfer

How to enhance the sounding in two steps?

  1. Connect the Host side (A machine) and USB DAC (B machine)
    • The Host (A machine): PC or Raspberry Pi/ Network Bridge through the USB cable 
    • The USB "Clean Zone" (B machine) : connect to USB DAC
  2. Connect the 12V DC power with audiophile Linear Power Supply and connect to AC power IEC

Listening impression on Nocturnes USB Filtering?

  • The micro dynamic is so important in music playback, when we apply the Nocturnes USB filtering on the audiophile system, the result is just amazing good. 
  • More darkness in the background, so micro details just give you a new impression on music playback. 
  • The music is more focus and airly. 
  • Immediately noticeable and cannot live without Nocturnes USB Filtering



This two boxes design will be provide the best isolation from EMI polluted source such as PC, provide the clean zone for USB DAC. 



The first box will connect to the source such as computer, or USB streaming device. This device will translate the USB digital signal to SFP+ format via Cisco AOC optical fiber (Orange in colour)  



The second box will receiving digital signal from SFP+ module. This box will include the re-clock function and optimised by Giesemann OCXO 10M Master Clock. The Giesemann module is output the best clock signal for USB board and 10M Master Clock output at the top section. 



The Nocturnes USB Over Fiber Optics (UOVO) Giesemann 10M Master Clock Edition will be power by AC power with Furutech NCF IEC socket and external 9V DC power. 



The SFP+ module can be replaced with choices of Finisar SFP+, which is made to order for customer. 

Technical specification:  

  • Two box chassis design
  • Host (A Machine) with one USB C connector and SFP cage, the power filtering applied 
  • Target device (B Machine) with one USB A, SFP Cage, DC 2.1mm 12V LPS required 
  • Comes with Cisco SFP+ AOC module in 1M
  • The external power is required for Giesemann Clock inside
  • The max transfer rate is DSD512 





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