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AfterDark. Continental Triple Crown CFS MicroUSB Power Cable (Limited Editon)

AfterDark. Continental Triple Crown CFS MicroUSB Power Cable (Limited Editon)


AfterDark. x 音響夜冷店 2017推出新產品: AfterDark. Continental Triple Crown CFS MicroUSB Power Cable
店主設計這MicroUSB Power Cable用於 audiophileCAS Digital Transport Device (DTD)

碳纖維起源於航空材料,但隨著這種材料的使用越來越廣泛,碳纖維屏蔽已經成功地解決電子設備與EMI(電磁干擾), 成功用碳纖維複合屏蔽方式應用於發燒音響MicroUSB Power Cable.

Triple Run Woven of 3 silver cables with Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) 

Audio Note Silver Solder (Cryogenics Treated) 91%Sn 6%Ag 2%Cu 1%Antimony

Technical Specification:

  • First Layer of Triple Run Woven of 3 silver cables for effective cross  interference shielding on twisted 21 wires of 0.21mm of each core cables. This special triple run design will eliminate the bottleneck on most microUSB cable for audiophile which always pursue the best sounding from the cable and allows all current to pass through to audiophileCAS Digital Transport Device (DTD)  to improve the transparent and clear path of power supply.  
  • The upgrade of triple run increase the sound quality in the three frequency areas: The high frequency get to very smooth and delicate, low-frequency texture is good, solid and structured. Sound focus are more accurate, wider sound-stage with luxury high-end airy high frequency.  
  • Second Layer of Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) Woven for EMI shielding, the highest standard of shielding material which mainly used for industrial and spacecraft.
  • Spiral Sterling Silver (SSS) on single core cables. Give full play to the silver medium of high density, high resolution, high permeability, speed and rhythm sense of first-class.
  • Audio Note Silver Solder (Cryogenics Treated) 91%Sn 6%Ag 2%Cu 1%Antimony for all the critical power contact point. Recognize the best solder with gorgeous background details and low frequency will not be lacking. Audio Note solder, not only improve the sound of the two ends of the extension, but also the density of the frequency, the music taste is very full, immediate, this solder signal line soft and clear transparent.
  • Silver Conductors Kevlar fiber compact twist, tensile design unique, single-core section of about 1.38MM ,  7 AWG 22/7,  twisted pair.
  • MircoUSB and USB connector: 50µ 24k gold-plated conductor pins, the highest standard for Audio Grade connector.
  • All hand Made in Hong Kong by AfterDark.

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