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AfterDark. Project ClayX x GIESEMANN - Handhartilo Series for I-O Data Soundgenic PLUS NAS x Pioneer S13J-X

Chassis Color
OCXO Optmised


This is the new flagship music library, based on Soundgenic Plus, the Handhartilo Series has undergone re-engineer and heavy modifcations from the basic configuration. The "made to order" experience will make everything possible for customer requirements. This designed is always comes from Audiophile's mind. The ALPHA Project will provide the platform to satisfied the specification for ultra high end customer. The experience we achieved to build KARMANN Music Server is applied to the design on new flagship music library. 

The devices is very first we ever design and build in 2024 and this may be the first device ever seen in the world with this speicifcation. 

More information on Soundgenic NAS Plus






  • Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Anti-Resonance Plate is made of 6mm front / 3mm back thickness of Carbon Fiber Audiophile MAT for EMI shielding and Anti-Resonance for mission critical application for Audiophile NAS. The will prevent external noise from getting to the USB signal conductors, and the high performance density of Carbon Fiber Shield to further prevent the ingress of noise (RFI, etc.) and increase stabilization during NAS Music File streaming application
  • Independent Black Modernize 12V Linear Power Supply (LPS) is to eliminate the EMI interference and provide more stable audiophile grade power supply for NAS.
    • Two LPS is required for best isolation on Soundgenic and Pioneer S13J-X
  • Equipped with 10MHz external clock input 



  • Equipped with a Samsung EVO 860 SSD (3.8TB)
  • Equipped with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports
  • Black Modernize Connection Interface Upgrade provide maximum flexibility and enhance NAS Noise Isolated performance with propriety LAN / USB input for Audio and Optical Lan Isolator for audiophile audio connection.
  • All of the original parts from I-O Data Soundgenic HDL-RA2HF is maintained, with others performance upgrade including the re-allocation of HDD /SSD to avoid EMI and vibration interference between the drive and the main motherboard.
  • Anti-Vibration Module for HDD/SSD, propriety Anti-shock material was designed for holding the HDD/SSD and eliminate the vibration contact with the HDD and the enclosure case. The airflow and heat was dispersed around the air space in between this special designed module.
  • AfterDark. Project ClayX SATA III and SATA Power Cables for Audiophile NAS, with EMI shielding performance for audio application.
  • AfterDark. Black Constellation (CFS) Optical Fiber Audio Lan Isolator Performance Modules, this Lan Isolator interface is to provide the best data transfer with much “less error rate” to provide the best audio performance for Lan Isolation application. The Linear Power Supply was used to provide the best audio performance with less signal to noise background. The micro details and soundstage on Hi-Res Audio will improves significantly. 
  • Internal DC power cable to connect I-O Data motherboard is from Duelund Cable with Audio Note Ag Solder
  • Extra anti-absorber material was placed on the connection board, to eliminate the signal noise and better separation to avoid vibration interference for mission critical NAS application.
  • The “Carbonized Screw” was used to fix the position on Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Anti-Resonance Plate for Audiophile NAS.
  • All hand Made in Hong Kong by AfterDark.



Modular design with Carbon Fiber AudiophileMAT EMI shielding 


What is included in “Black Modernize - Handhartilo Series” modification?

  • AfterDark. ClayX SATA III 6Gbps (CFS) Cable
  • AfterDark. ClayX SATA (CFS) Power Cable
  • Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Anti-Resonance Plate x 4
  • Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Connection Interface on Power IEC socket at the back plate
  • Black Modernize 12V Linear Power Supply for I-O Data Soundgenic Plus
  • Black Modernize 12V Linear Power Supply for Pioneer S13J-X
  • KARMET EMI Shielding on all USB / Lan /SATA III connectors
  • AfterDark. Performance Tweak with WA Quantum Chip on CPU of I-O Data Soundgenic PLUS
  • AfterDark Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Anti-Resonance Enclosure Case for Audiophile



Flagship Pionner S13J-X is build in with heavy modifications sand Audiophile's tweaks. 


AfterDark. Project AudiophileMAT enhancer 



The Pionner S13j-X will be stablized with 5mm thick copper plate in 150mm x 150mm and 3mm Carbon Fiber AudiophileMAT. 



Diretta Host Function is activated in Soundgenic Setting



AfterDark. Diretta NS1 is plug and play and shows as USB DAC : AfterDark._Bridge_XXXX 



   Chassis Color      Silver      Black 
   OCXO Optimised   Internal OCXO  External OCXO
   Storage   SSD  SSD
   Storage Capacity   4TB SSD  4TB SSD
   External 10M Reference Master Clock OCXO Impendance   50 ohms or 75 ohms
 size  440×100×353 mm
 weight  Approx. 10kg
 Input/Output Terminals

 USB 3.0 Rear x 2
 USB 2.0 Type A Rear x 1

 Gigabit Ethernet compatible LAN port x 3

 SFP port x 2 

 1 x 10MHz external clock input (BNC)


 Quick start guide, USB 3.0 cable, Category 6 LAN cable. 


 Giesemann Reference SFP Optical Isolator
 Compatible optical fiber

 Multimode (2 cores) or Single Mode

 Terminal shape

 UTP side

 RJ-45 type

 optical fiber side

 2-core LC terminal

 Transmission speed  UTP side


 optical fiber side


 External 10M Reference Master Clock OCXO Impendance 

 50ohms or 75ohms 

 Required Power-supply voltage  5V DC  2A (Gold Plated DC Socket) 
 Maximum power consumption  2.8W
 Size (width x height x depth)  15×12×7cm
 weight  638g (body only)

 Cisco AOC Cable (Optional) 

 Cisco AOC SFP optical transceiver (Optional) 
 Terminal shape   2-core LC terminal
 Transmission speed   1000Mbps
 Size (width x height x depth)   W13.4×H8.5×D56.5 mm
 weight   25g


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