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SMSL DP5 MQA ES9038PRO i2S Music Streamer

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SMSL DP5 MQA ES9038PRO i2S Music Streamer 

  • SMSL DP5播放器將自動檢索PC文件,閃存驅動器,便攜式硬盤MicroSD卡甚至SMB共享文件夾(NAS)等存儲設備。您可以選擇直接播放音樂。多個輸入和輸出為日常音樂時間提供了更多實用性 。  


    支持Apple AirPlay,只要將DP5與iOS設備連接到同一局域網,它就會出現在AirPlay設備列表中。您只需選擇該音頻流即可將其發送到DP5流媒體。 也支持DLNA x Tidal。

  • DP5使用了旗艦芯片ESS9038PRO,該芯片是採用ESS的專利32位HyperStreamDAC技術。HyperStream架構負責ESS PRO SABRE DAC的出色音質和極低的THD + N。其他32位8通道DAC使用典型的delta- sigma架構,特性–107 dB THD + N(0.0004%) 

  • 這款新的旗艦SABRE DAC旨在與現有和未來無縫集成 ESS耳機放大器以及其他音頻構建模塊技術的產品組合。
  • 支持MQA FULL解碼。不同的設備和不同的播放方法將播放同一MQA文件的不同聲音效果。MQA的工作方式是將摺紙之類的模擬音頻“折疊”成一個較小的文件。一旦在解碼器上播放此文件可以讀取MQA文件的文件,可以重新打開折疊的部分以釋放最高分辨率的音樂。誠然,播放質量取決於您的設備,但至少此文件具有復制原始錄音的潛力。 
  • 最新的藍牙/ Apple AirPlay / DLNA 播放  
  • 耳機放大器功能 x ES9038PRO
  • 使用彩色LCD屏幕和新開發的用戶界面,可為您帶來全新的體驗,全功能的遙控器。無論您坐在哪裡(在設備附近),都可以隨意控制它。
  • DP5將具有USB x 2,光纖,同軸,AES Digital, 藍牙, Lan Port和IIS HDMI 輸。對於輸出,它將具有RCA和XLR功能。

 SMSL DP5 MQA ES9038PRO i2S Music Streamer

  • D5 player will automatically retrieve storage devices, such as Pc file, Flash Drive, Portable Hard Drive MicroSD Card, and even SMB shared folders (NAS). You can choose to play music directly. Multiple inputs and outputs provide more practicality for daily music time.

    DP5 player supports most audio file formats on the market, including MP3, WMA, WAV, AIFF, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, ALAC, DSF, DFF, etc.

    Supports AirPlay. As long as the DP5 is connected to the same local area network with your iOS device, it will appear in the AirPlay device list. You can simply send the audio stream to DP5 streamer by selecting it. In addition, the Dp5 player also supports the DLNA.

  • DP5 used a Flagship chip ES9038PRO, This chip features ESS’s patented 32-bit HyperStreamDAC technology. The HyperStream architecture is responsible for both the outstanding sound quality of ESS PRO SABRE DACs and the extremely low THD+N. Other 32-Bit 8-Channel DACs, using typical delta-sigma architecture, feature –107 dB THD+N (0.0004%)
  • This new flagship SABRE DAC was created to integrate seamlessly with both the existing and future portfolio of ESS headphone amplifiers as well as other audio building block technology.
  • Support MQA FULL decoding. Different equipment and different playback methods will play different sound effects of the same MQA file. The way MQA works is to "fold" the analog audio like origami, become a smaller file. Once this file is played on a decoder that can read MQA files, can reopen the folded part to release the highest resolution music. Admittedly, The playback quality will depend on your device, but at least this file has the potential to reproduce the original recording.
  • The latest Bluetooth / Apple AirPlay. Enjoy the wireless while still feeling the power of technology.
  • Headphone amp function 
  • Using color LCD screen and newly developed user interface, give you a new experience, full-function remote control. No matter where you sit (near the device), can control it at will.
  • SMSL DP5 will have two USB, Optical, Coaxial, AES Digital, Bluetooth, Lan port, and IIS ouputs. For outputs, it'll have RCA and XLR capability.  

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