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Raspberry Pi 週刊 第六期

July 04, 2018

Raspberry Pi 週刊 第六期

本週店主會談使用線性電源Linear Power Supply(LPS) 作為Raspberry Pi 3的重要性

有這麼多的客戶問店主,AfterDark daisyCASaudiophileCAS DTD之間有什麼不同?

店主回復:主要是audiophileCAS DTD使用高質量的線性電源(LPS)代替開關電源 (SMPS)。

另一個主要不同是audiophileCAS DTD使用工業级别MicroSD卡代替消費級MicroSD卡。

最近,客戶對我們使用的5V線性電源(LPS)有很多好的反饋,所以你可能知道店主在上週Facebook "CAS論壇上"組織了一個“團購-線性電源”。其結果是如此驚訝,一些新的客戶使用後說,高質量的線性電源真的可以改善在Raspberry Pi 3音質方面,這是因為Raspberry Pi 3內部的組件絕不是由發燒友建造的。

毫無疑問...線性電源(LPS) 進一步提高低音,更好的微細節,高音更潤滑。

因此,由於有其他發燒友的需求,店主開始對這個“團購線性電源”進行特殊修改。包括更換發燒友的電源插座,更換發燒友保險絲,在Telema變壓器附近的IC上放置EMI shielding, AfterDark audiophileMAT etc. 

客戶告訴店主:這種微小的變化可以改善線性電源的弱點。由於成本問題,大多數工廠不能將昂貴的組件安裝到LPS上。所以,請採取這項工作,並修改這個線性電源, 制作一個發燒级線性電源。

本星期是“團購”訂單後的一個繁忙的一周。有一天,店主接到另外一個客戶的要求,想要使用更好的材料來替換5V DC MicroUSB電線。 

客戶詢問:可以使用更好的材料更換5V DC電源線,而不是使用MicroUSB連接器,直接將其電線直接連接到Raspberry Pi 3的GPIO端口, 可以?


因此,店主開始設計符合客戶要求的電線並啟動AfterDark。Project ClayX 開始研究開發這種特殊的Raspberry Pi 3電線。

AfterDark.'s "Sound Tuning"有兩個主要組件。Raspberry Pi 3更換的電線線芯的材料,Carbon Fiber屏蔽材料和Power Conditioner設計和Filtering Capacitor 選擇。通過更好電線, 電力供應,每一步設計都可以大幅改善Pi 3的音質。


This week the shop owner will talk about the important of using LPS for Raspberry Pi 3

There is so many client asked shop owner, what is the different between AfterDark. daisyCAS and AfterDark. audiophileCAS DTD?

shop owner will reply: The major different is audiophileCAS DTD is using a high quality LPS instead of Switching Power Supply. 

The other major different is using industrial MicroSD card instead of consumer grade MicroSD card. 

Recently, we have a lot of good feedback on using 5V LPS, therefore, you may know that the shop owner was organized a "Group Buy" on this special 5V LPS. The result is so surprised, some new joiner using Raspberry Pi 3 indeed whatsapp the shop owner saying it really really improve a lot from bass, the authority of sound stage, better micro details, and much smooother in high-treble. 

Therefore, due to demand on other client, the shop owner started to received special modification on this "Group Buy" Linear Power Supply. It includes request to change the power-Inlet to audiophile one, changing audiophile fuse, placing EMI label on the IC near the Telema transformer. Placeing AfterDark audiophileMAT under the LPS etc. 

The client told the shop owner: this micro change can improve the weak point of the Linear Power Supply. Due to costing, most factory cannot affort to install this expensive component to LPS. So, please take this job and modify for this Linear Power Supply. 

This was a busy week after "Group Buy" order. One day, the shop owner received another recently customer request to replace the 5V DC MicroUSB Cable with something special material. 

The client ask: It is possible to change the power cable, not to use the MicroUSB connector, just put it directly to the GPIO ports inside the Raspberry Pi 3?

The shop owner reply: Yes, this can be done with some modification work. Please wait for my good news next month.

Therefore, we start to design the cable with customer requirement and initiated AfterDark. Project ClayX Research and Development for this special power cable. 

There two major components for AfterDark sound tuning. The carefull selection of cable core wire material, the shielding material and the power conditioning parts for Raspberry Pi 3 on 5V and 3.3V. Every steps can improve dramatically with better implementation on power supply. 

To be continue after product release...

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