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Raspberry Pi 週刊 第四期

July 04, 2018

Raspberry Pi 週刊 第四期

本週,店主想談談獨特的Project ClayX產品。

什麼是AfterDark Project ClayX?
店主開發這個產品線,因為我們收到了一些獨特的客戶要求,這些客戶要求更多的特殊或苛刻的音頻性能調整產品的CAS。他們需要具有優秀的音頻調諧和獨特的功能,這在大規模生產市場中是永遠不會發展的。材料包括量身定制的碳纖維板,碳纖維編織屏蔽,工業級EMI Shielding屏蔽材料,工業用Anti-Absorber材料,和一些德國製造的特殊材料等。

Project ClayX的主要產品線是什麼?

AfterDark. Project ClayX 產品線:

為什麼店主開始Project ClayX?

郭先生:您能否為我的SSD量身訂做Mircro USB 3.0 Cable?

店主:是的,我們可以用AfterDark Black Lake CFS USB Cable的相同材料製作。

店主:用Carbon Fiber Shielding 碳纖維屏蔽(CFS)技術製成的數碼線。這可以為所有數字信號數碼線包括USB數碼線,I2S信號數碼線,HDMI數碼線和數字同軸數碼線帶來好處。


店主:我應該開始另一個產品線來反映這個獨特的Extreme Audio Performance Tuning部分,開始Project ClayX作為CAS產品的研發。

郭先生:等待你Project ClayX 的好消息!

店主:經過2個月的研發,我們在SSD Enclosure上, 給它們獨立提供12V LPS線性電源,AfterDark. Black Lake USB CFS Cable,EMI Shielding with AfterDark. Black Mountain audiophileMAT. 為CAS用戶製作一個高性能AfterDark. Project Clay X SSD Enclosure產品。

店主:我們將更加關注這個獨特市場,並開始打做香港研發和製作Project ClayX CAS產品。

店主收到了很多對AfterDark. audiophileCAS DTD好評,他們總是要求店主對NAS上的音頻性能進行修改或調整。 店主因而答應郭先生,應用一些EMI屏蔽, 碳纖維材料的概念,重新在NAS上重點設計提供“Audio Tweak on Sound Performance Tuning, 音頻性能調整”。 因此,我們為NAS產品推出了第一款“Project ClayX Black Mountain Carbon Fiber audiophileMAT 碳纖維音響墊材”,用於NAS的HDD/SSD。


為什麼使用Raspberry Pi 3作為Audio Rendering Processor音頻渲染處理器? 
店主相信這個Audio Rendering Processor 可以釋放發燒友DAC的真正潛力。 可以當造純數字傳輸設備Digital Transport Device(DTD),通過USB,I2S, Digital Coaxial數碼線等將信號傳輸到DAC。 隨著不同的界面,發燒友可以通過享受不同種類的數碼線改變音色的樂趣。


  • Volumio
  • PiCorePlayer
  • Runeaudio
    • MOodeAudio


    用戶最為接受的Volumio有兩個原因:用戶界面開發良好,易於使用。 聲音相當不錯,每個月對內核軟件都有很多新的更新。 支持所有音樂文件:一個DAP(數字音頻播放器)適用於所有音樂:MP3,FLAC,WAV,AAC,ALAC,DSD, DSF, DSD ISO等等。

    另外,用戶還可以在同一個地方獲得UPnP, Dlna,AirPlay,Spotify, YouTube和Web-Radios。

    This week the shop owner would like to talk about the unique product line called Project ClayX. 

    What is AfterDark. Project ClayX? 
    The shop owner develop this product line because we received some unique customer sector, which require more exotic or demanding audio performace tuning product on their CAS. They require to have excellent audio tuning and unique features which never will be develop in the mass production market. The material will include tailor made Carbon Fiber Board, Carbon Fiber Woven shielding, Industrial grade EMI shielding materials, Industrial Anti-Absorber materials, some exotic material from German made WA product etc.

    What is the major product line for Project ClayX?
    The shop owner is try to inspire the market with the unique product which are never be seen and produce in the market. All the major product is CAS related. 

    The AfterDark. Project ClayX Product Line: 

    Why the shop owner start Project ClayX?
    There is one reason, there is one customer with his special request. He is Mr. Kwok, he always want something special and very enlighted with AfterDark's new product. One day, he approached the shop owner, saying that he want some cable where he can separate the 5V DC and USB signal wires. 

    Mr. Kwok: Can you make a tailor made Mirco A to Micro USB 3.0 cable for my SSD? 

    The shop owner: Yes, we can make it with the same material from AfterDark Black Lake CFS USB Cable.

    The shop owner: The cable with made along with Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) Technology. This can benefit for all the digital signal cable included USB cable, I2S Signal Cable, HDMI cables and Digital Coaxial Cable. 

    Mr. Kwok: Yes, can you make some product which can separate the 5V and feed them with 5V DC on audiophile LPS that will be great.

    The shop owner: I should start another product line to reflect this unique segment on audio tuning, and started Project ClayX as a Research and Development Team for CAS product. People would appreciated the effort and tailor made with handcrafted product in Hong Kong.

    After 2 months, research and development, we modify on SSD Enclousure with separate power supply 12V LPS, AfterDark. Black Lake USB Cable, with Black Mountain Carbon Fiber audiophileMAT as a high performance tuning set for all CAS user.  

    Shop owner received a lot of good comment on audiophileCAS DTD, audiophiles always asked the shop owner to perform modification or Tweak on the audio performance on NAS. The shop owner promised Mr. Kwok, AfterDark. will re-engineering the concept with some EMI shielding, Carbon Fiber Anti-Absorber material to provide the "Audio Performance Tuning" on NAS.  Therefore, we introduce the first ever "Project ClayX Black Mountain Carbon Fiber audiophileMAT" for NAS product to put on HDD/SSD for Music Storeage. 

    Technical Insight:
    Why Raspberry Pi 3  use as audio rendering processor as Digital Audio Player (DAP)?
    The shop owner believe this audio rendering processor can unlock the true potential of audiophile DAC. It act as pure Digitial Transport Device (DTD) to transmit the signal to DAC via USB, I2S etc. With different interface, audiophile can enjoy the fun with different kinds of audiophile cables.

    Which Audio Rendering Software to choose from? 
    • Volumio
    • PiCorePlayer
    • Runeaudio
    • MOodeAudio

    They are all open sourced code software, and have its own strength and advantage. 

    User is most accepted Volumio for two reasons: The UI is well develop and easy to use. The sound is quite good and have a lot of new update for software Kernel every month. Support all music files: One DAP (Digital Audio Player) for all music: MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, ALAC, DSD and much more. 

    Plus, you'll get UPnP/ Dlna, AirPlay, Spotify, YouTube and Web-Radios all in one place.

    Let's celebrate!

    AfterDark. is delighted to have successful shows at HighEnd Munich 2024.🙂

    Please feel free to share the discount code with friends.We love to hear more music lover to enjoy this great product. 

    Discount code: PA1