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AfterDark. Project ClayX Constellation Reference Finisar SFP Fiber Cable for Audiophiles  

Finisar SFP Module Speed
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AfterDark. Project ClayX Constellation Reference Finisar SFP Fiber Cable for Audiophiles   

The is the mod version of the very best Finisar SFP+ Fiber Cable below. This mod will improve the perfromance on optical and data transfer. Since optical fiber are so sensitive to vibration that sensor on Finisar SFP+ module, vibration countermeasures are most effective to reduce jitter and improve sound quality.    

Product details:    

  • Optimized for New UpTone EtherREGEN switch with built-in SFP optical bridge connected to a single clean output Ethernet
  • Audiophile grade Single Mode Cable made by Corning Cable Systems LLC for highest quality optical reflection 
  • Finisar SFP+ Single Mode SFP Modules - Industrial grade quality for lowest jitters audio data transfer 
  • Length of 3 meters
  • Applied EMI shielding enhancement for Audiophile SFP Modules 
  • Cat 8 Network Cable is made in Germany by Telegartners - with the lastest CAT8.1 plug optimized to use in "Last Mile" for Port B at EtherREGEN. (Sold separately)

What is fiber optical sensor? 

The top of the figure below is a conceptual diagram when used for optical communication. By turning on / off the laser beam incident on the optical fiber at high speed, a "0, 1" signal is sent to perform digital communication.

In contrast, optical fiber sensors use optical fiber in an analog manner. Physical disturbances (expansion / contraction, temperature, bending, etc.) acting on the optical fiber cause modulation components such as phase change, wavelength change, and refractive index change in the light itself transmitted through the optical fiber. ..

Observe these modulation components with transmitted or reflected light. There are various principles and optical devices, but basically this is the case.

As for the sound quality, I felt that the texture of the low frequency range, which has a large amount of digital information, was further improved, and the graininess of each note was improved. The expression in the height direction, which is considered difficult to express, has been clarified. 

What is the Black Modernize modification?
  • Carbon Fiber Woven for Single Mode Fiber Cable
  • The "GOLD" Corning Cable Single Mode Fiber Cable 
  • Finisar SFP+ Modules  
  • AfterDark. Carbon Fiber Secured Clip apply on each SFP Module



Why use Corning Fiber Cable? 

  • Ultra low-loss optical fiber, much less jitter and higer reflection index
  • The connector is using high quality Caramic 
  • The special Tight-Buffered make cable extreme tight with the transparent materials
  • Single Mode, plug and play for Finisar SFP+


AfterDark. Project ClayX Carbon Fiber Clip to secure the SFP optical slot, to minimize the vibration.
Industrial Grade Finisar SFP+ is used for best performance on digital streaming
Corning Single Mode Fiber. Low-loss optical fiber for Audiophiles
The black carbon fiber woven covers the yellow fiber cable for stabilizer, the graininess of each music note will improve. 


This can make the cascade of Buffalo Switch more invisible with black color cable instead of yellow with improved performance.   



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