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AfterDark. Black Modernize Linear Power Supply - High Current Isolated Transfromer SE Edtion

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AfterDark. Black Modernize Linear Power Supply - - High Current Isolated Transfromer SE Edtion  

AfterDark. is introducing the Power Conditioning Collections. This Collections can tailor or customise with repect to customer requirement. Since we have a great sucess from the Giesemann OCXO Master Clock, customer is looking for the product which can meet the expectation and performance. The ultra low noise design with series of Audio Grade Capaitors and equiped with best isolating transfromer from made in Germany which has outstanding temperature behavior due to low magnetic leakage field.  

Which device can improve perfomance with this LPS?

  • DAC such as RME ADI-2 DAC Fs (12V)
  • Wifi Router such as Netgear XR700 (12V)
  • DDC such as Mutec MC3-USB (6V) 
  • Network Switch such as EtherREGEN, Buffalo BS-GS2016 (12V)
  • Mutec REF10 NANO (15V)

What is the Voltage and rating?

  • 5VDC/11A, 9VDC/6.3A, 12VDC/4.75A ,15V/3.6A, 18VDC/3A, 19VDC/3A, 20VDC/2.5A, 24VDC/2.375A, Custom 

What is the temperature when operated?

  • Thanks for the best Toroidal safety Isolating transformer RTE 80 from BLOCK, it reaches only 40 degrees when operated. 
  • This deviced is garantee to run 7x24 whichout any maintainances.
  • The high current version will provide more buffers for demanding devices, it improves the dynamic of music and provide the stable current for audiophiles.  

Why we use series of Audio Grade Capacitors?

  • This version is over engineered and build with total of 26,640 uF Audio Grade Capicitor
  • The Audio Grade Capacitors: 2200uf/35V x 6 + 680uF/35V x 8 + 1000uF/16V Reservoir Caps
  • This is to smooth out the ripples and improve the quality of currents.
  • Transparant sounding and brings dynamic of music  

Why we use BLOCK Isolated Transfomers?

  • Isolating transformers with galvanic isolation provide a reliable supply to circuits with the safety measures “protective separation”. The transformers provide double or reinforced isolation between the primary and secondary sides.
  • They are extremely effective for reducing high frequency common mode noise. 
  • The isolated transformer are insulated by primary and secondary coils, and provided cleaner power for audio 

How many cables is provided?

  • Two DC Cables with choice of 2.1mm /2.5mm/ GX16-2pins
  • One US AC Cable

About BLOCK. from Germany



AfterDark. designed this power conditioning devices for Audiophiles who requires best sounding and highest standard. 


The Black Modernize Edition will equiped with carbon fiber front plate in 6mm, this is the best material for EMI protection. 



This SE edition will be equiped with Block Toroidal safety isolating transformer RTE 80 , which is ultra low noise and best peformance in class. 




Audio Grade Capacitors: 2200uf/35V x 6 + 680uF/35V x 8 + 1000uF/16V Reservoir Caps, total of 26,640uf !



Furutech Rhodium FI-03 IEC and HiFi Tuning Cryo Gold Fuse for maxmise electric AC contact



Dual Output of GX16-2 for flexibilty and best contact of DC Current


Highlight of the AfterDark. Black Modernize Linear Power Supply:   

  • AC Incoming: Furutech Rhodium FI-03 IEC 
  • Fuse: HiFi Tuning Cyro Gold Fuse 
  • AC Noise Filter: UK RIFA RFI Suppression Caps & Schaffner Noise Filter     
  • AC Transformer: 80VA (Made in Germany) 
  • High Speed Rectifier with RIFA 0.1uf Bypass Caps
  • Audio Grade Capacitors: 2200uf/35V x 6 + 680uF/35V x 8 + 1000uF/16V Reservoir Caps, total of 26,640uf !
  • BC Phillips 1% Precision Resistors
  • Audio Grade Rubycon Capacitor 
  • Mexico Made Inductors 
  • Toshiba Pass Power Transistor
  • Two Simultaneously Driven Voltage Output Jacks  
  • Mexico Made Multi-turns Variable Resistor for Fine Voltage Output Adjustment  
  • Voltage Rating: 5VDC/11A, 9VDC/6.3A, 12VDC/4.75A , 15V/3.6A, 19VDC/3A, 24VDC/2.375A, Custom
  • Integrated Aluminum Heat-sink chassis, with 6mm thick Carbon Fiber front panel  / 3mm thick Carbon Fiber back panel
  • Dimension: 130mm x 60mm x 250mm
  • Weight: 3 Kg
  • Internal components or designs may changed without noticed. 

Type: Power Cables

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