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AfterDark. NETone Audiophile Switch

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AfterDark. NETone Audiophile Switch

    What are the design features of NETone? 

    • Built-in Constallation Network Switch x 25Mhz Clock generated by Giesemann OCXO Clock
    • Built-in Optical Isolator x 25Mhz Clock generated by Giesemann OCXO Clock
    • Built-in Project Clay X Giesemann OCXO ISOLATED “10M Master Clock”
    • Built-in AfterDark. Black Modernize Linear Power Supply x Audio Grade Furutech NCF IEC socket 

     What is the advantages of NETone?

    • Built-in 10M OCXO Master Clock makes the sound more relaxed, eliminates the digital feeling, the bass is more refined, the mid-to-treble is sweeter, the details are rich and the elegant micro dynamic analysis style, the background is darker, the feeling is full of vitality, and the sense of space separation increases. The focus is more accurate.
    • Due to the use of carbon fiber shielding, the digital signal is darker with rich details.


    • Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Anti-Resonance Plate is made of 6mm front / 3mm back thickness of Carbon Fiber Audiophile MAT for EMI shielding and Anti-Resonance for mission critical application for Audiophile Network Switch. The will prevent external noise from getting to the USB signal conductors, and the high performance density of Carbon Fiber Shield to further prevent the ingress of noise (RFI, etc.) and increase stabilization during NAS Music File streaming application.
    • Black Modernize Connection Interface Upgrade provide maximum flexibility and enhance Noise Isolated performance with propriety “LAN input for Audio” and “Optical Lan Isolator” for audiophile audio connection.
    • Black Constellation (CFS) Optical Fiber Audio Lan Isolator Performance Modules, this Lan Isolator interface is upgraded with 10G SFP CISCO Server Grade Optical Module and Commercial Grade Commscope OM4 Optical Fiber Cable to provide the best data transfer with much “less error rate” to provide the best audio performance for Lan Isolation application. The separate Linear Power Supply / UPS Battery was used to provide the best audio performance with less signal to noise background. The micro details and soundstage on Hi-Res Audio will improves significantly.
    • Audio Grade Capacitor is used for Audiophile Network Switch, with EMI shielding, enhanced audio performance with propriety Carbon Fiber Shielding (CFS) Technology and audio application.
    • Upgrade with Furutech NCF IEC outlet will be equipped for enhanced music presentation and maximized power conductivity.
    • Independent Black Modernize Linear Power Supply will be equipped to eliminate the EMI interference and provide more stable audiophile grade power supply for audiophile network switch.
    • Extra anti-absorber material was placed on the connection board, to eliminate the signal noise and better separation to avoid vibration interference for mission critical Audiophile Network Switch application.
    • The “Carbonized Screw” was used to fix the position on Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Anti-Resonance Plate for Audiophile NAS.
    • All hand Made in Hong Kong by AfterDark. 

    SELECT GIESEMANN OCXO 10M Reference Grading: 

    The OCXO installed in the product can calibrate the products used in industrial equipment for a long time, and use equipment with good characteristics. In order to optimally select the audio clock, we comprehensively evaluate with Symmetricom Flagship 5125A to analysis the phase noise characteristics and short-term stability (Allen dispersion) that can be determinate the OCXO grading accordingly.

    The OCXO installed in this product uses a stable OCXO unit that has been calibrated for several months. In order to make the best choice of OCXO. We are conducting a comprehensive evaluation of phase noise characteristics and short-term stability (Allen dispersion) during detailed inspection. 

    The final product will final measured and fine tuned with Keysight 53220A with reference to Atomic Clock , GPSDO. 

    Choose a base value 
    Phase noise: -119 to -113 dBc / Hz or lower at 1 Hz offset (Grades) -137 dBc / Hz or lower at 10 Hz offset

    GRADE Phase Noise@ 10Hz Phase Noise@ 1Hz
    PRINCE -131 -100
    QUEEN -132 -103
    KING -134 -107
    Emperor Signature  -138 -110
    Emperor CROWN -140 -113
    Emperor DOUBLE CROWN -141 -117
    Emperor TRIPLE CROWN -142 -118
    Emperor Giesemann -143 -120
    Emperor Giesemann EVA -145 -121

    Allan variance short-term stability reference value

    [Emperor Giesemann EVA]TAU = 1sec 2.50E-13 or less(0.00025ppb / s)

    [Emperor Giesemann] TAU = 1sec 2.78E-13 or less(0.00028ppb / s)
    [Emperor Triple Crown] TAU = 1sec 3.8E-13 or less(0.00038ppb / s)

    Technical index

    • Ultra-low phase noise OCXO 10MHz oscillator
    • Optional BNC cable.
    • Output: 10 MHz x 1 system, sine wave
    • Output impedance: 50 ohm 
    • Body size: W141mm x D210mm x H90mm 
    • Weight about 2.0 kg
    • Required External DC power supply: DC 5V/12V 1A 
    • External DC plug standard: 2.1mm / 5.5mm
    • 2 years free maintenance warranty
    • Design and specifications are subject to change without notice
    • Made in Hong Kong  

    AfterDark. Project ClayX GIESEMANN Network Switch x OCXO 10M Master Clock      

    電磁干擾(EMI)在設計高精度的發燒音響Network Switch時,以盡量減少對射頻干擾和其他形式的EMI的影響。材料選擇,物理佈局,接地實踐,並且數碼線設計都已被指定,以減少電磁場對本機性能的影響。然而,與此同時,店主的主要目標是在正常的家庭環境中準確地再現錄音室錄製的音樂.   

    AfterDark. x 音響夜冷店 2023推出新產品: Constellation Optical Lan Isolated Network Switch. 

    店主設計這Optical Lan Isolated Network Switch用於連接有LAN端口Music Streamer such as Lumin, Linn DS, Aurender, I-O Data Soundgenic NAS, Synology DS918+, Oppo Blu Ray Player, Raspberry Pi Player or any UPnP/ DLNA player.


    碳纖維起源於航空材料,但隨著這種材料的使用越來越廣泛,碳纖維屏蔽已經成功地解決電子設備與EMI(電磁干擾), 成功用碳纖維複合屏蔽方式應用於發燒音響Network Switch

    2個用於服務器級的CISCO SFP 10G SEP光模塊設計特點?  

    • 特點是用單獨2組光纖線, 來運行平衡時鐘數字信號, 1組光纖線是用於數據傳輸, 另外1組光纖線是線數據接收, 這是保護數據完整性並避免互相干擾。
    • 另外CISCO SFP接頭添加高端工業級Exotic EMI屏蔽(KEMET Corporation)進一步避免EMI/RF signal
    • 包含的光纖線是Commscope OM4服務器級極品等級光纖線, 所有Commscope推出的光纖線都附帶實驗室測試報告,以實現最高的光纖性能。

    上層Switch部分的 8個位,可以連接什麼?  

    • 可以連接路由器,發燒級NAS,音樂源,電影源,電視盒,MagicTV,Oppo播放器等。最多7個1Gbps Lan端口。
    • 最後一個Lan端口保留輸出用於光學LAN隔離器 

    GIESEMANN Network Switch設計特點? 

    • 內置Constallation Network Switch x 25Mhz Clock generated by Giesemann OCXO Clock
    • 內置 Optical Isolator x 25Mhz Clock generated by Giesemann OCXO Clock
    • 內置Project Clay X Giesemann OCXO ISOLATED “10M Master Clock”
    • 內置 Black Modernize Linear Power Supply x Audio Grade Furutech NCF IEC插座


     GIESEMANN Network Switch的聲音風格? 

    • 內置10M OCXO Master Clock使聲音更放鬆,消除數字感覺, 低音更加精緻, 中高音更甜美, 細節豐富與高雅微動態分析風格, 背景更加黑, 感覺充滿活力, 空間分離感增加. 焦點更準確.
    • 由於使用碳纖維屏蔽,數字信號更加黑,帶豐富細節. 

     什麼可以通過“Black Modernize”升級?  

    • Black Constellation (CFS) 光纖音頻Lan隔離器性能模塊:
    • Full Duplex 1000M音頻級Lan隔離器
    • 2個用於服務器級的CISCO SFP 10G SEP光模塊 (單獨2組)
    • Commscope OM4服務器級光纖線
    • 替換Network Switch電容, 使用Fylot 發燒音響電容
    • Black Modernize碳纖維板上抗共振板x 2
    • Black Modernize碳纖維IEC電源插座連接接口
    • Black Modernize 12V線性電源供電
    • LAN/SFP接頭添加高端工業級Exotic EMI屏蔽(KEMET Corporation)進一步避免EMI/RF signal
    • Black Modernize碳纖維發燒音響外殼

     Black Modernize”Concept?

    • Black Constellation (CFS) Optical Fiber Audio Lan Isolator Performance Modules:
      1. Full Duplex 1000M Audio Grade Lan Isolator
      2. 2 x CISCO SFP 10G Server Grade Optical Modules for Critical Mission Application 
      3. Commscope OM4 Server Grade Optical Fiber Cable
    • “Sound Tuning” mod to replace Audio Grade Capacitor on Network Switch
    • Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Anti-Resonance Plate x 2
    • Black Modernize Connection Interface on Power IEC socket at the back plate
    • Black Modernize 5V Linear Power Supply on Black Constellation (CFS) Optical Fiber Lan Isolator
    • Performance Tweak with EMI Shielding on all connectors
    • AfterDark Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Anti-Resonance Enclosure Case for Audiophile


    • “Black Modernize”碳纖維抗共振板由厚度為6mm前/ 3mm厚碳纖維Audiophile MAT製成,用於EMI屏蔽和抗共振,適用於Audiophile Network Switch的應用。這將防止外部噪音進入LAN信號導線,以及碳纖維屏蔽的高性能密度,以進一步防止噪音(RFI等)的進入.
    • Black Modernize連接接口升級提供了最大的靈活性,並通過適合“音頻的LAN輸入”和適用於發燒友音頻連接的“光學Lan隔離器”來增強噪聲隔離性能。以便發燒友連接。
    • Black Constellation(CFS)光纖音頻Lan隔離器性能模塊,此Lan隔離器接口升級為10G SFP CISCO服務器級光模塊和商用級Commscope OM4光纖電纜,以提供最佳的數據傳輸,“誤碼率更低” Lan Isolation應用程序的最佳音頻性能。使用單獨的線性電源/ UPS電池,以較低的信噪比背景提供最佳的音頻性能。高分辨率音頻的細節和聲場將顯著提高。
    • Black Constellation(CFS)Optical Lan Isolator,此光模隔離器接口升級為CISCO服務器級10G SFP光模塊和商用級Commscope OM4光纖線,以提供最佳的數據傳輸,“誤碼率更低” 以提供最佳音頻性能。獨立的線性電源用於提供最佳的音頻性能。高分辨率音頻的細節和聲場將顯著提高。
    • “音頻級Audio Note KANSEI電容” 用於發燒級Network Switch,具有EMI屏蔽,通過適當的碳纖維屏蔽(CFS)技術和音頻應用增強音頻性能。
    • 升級Furutech FI-06 NCF IEC插座將配備增強的音樂表現力和導電率。
    • Project ClayX Black Element Duelund電纜將用於內部直流電源線.
    • 獨立的Black Modernize LPS線性電源, 將消除EMI干擾,並為高發燒級Network Switch, 提供更穩定的燒級電源。
    • 在連接板上放置了額外的抗吸收材料,以消除信號噪音和更好的分離,避免振動干擾。
    • 碳化螺絲”用於固定Black Modernize碳纖維板上。 
    • 在香港製造的手工製品。 



    Type: OCXO Clock

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