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AfterDark. Project ClayX USB Conditioner for DAC

AfterDark. Project ClayX USB Conditioner for DAC

AfterDark. Project ClayX USB Conditioner for DAC is designed to elminate he interference due to electromagnetic radiation, and is capable of reducing the high frequency electronmagnetic noise, making the singal transmission more accurate. This sound conditioner can enahances the music rendering the audio spectrum, and improve the dynamic of sound. 

The design consists of an ingenious mix of Audio Grade Capacitor and Audio Grade Decoping Capactior for sound conditioning and suppresses microphonic effects. The USB Conditioner can creates a cleaner rendering in the audio, making digital music more analoge and more enjoyable. 

As a result, AfterDark. Project ClayX USB Conditioner for DAC reduces the noise, enhances the natural sound and creates a more noticeable and finer voice rendering.


- Diamension measurements: 90mm x 60mm.

- Mix of 12 Audio Grade Capacitors

- Sturdy metal USB connectors with plated contacts.

- The USB Conditioner  is handmade in the Hong Kong.

- Provided with Carbon Fiber Front and Backplate.   



Computer connects to the input of USB A  and connect the output of USB A to DAC




    Type: Power Cables

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