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Cybershaft SOUL OP3-OP9 超高精度OCXO 10MHz時鐘

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Cybershaft Soul超高精度OCXO 10MHz OCXO 時鐘

  • 有效提升透明感及光澤度
  • 輸出:10Mhz 50Ω / 0.00095ppb/sec 以下 ( 75Ω器材可用 )
  • 內部使用低磁漏R芯變壓器
  • 開機後約30分鐘可達穩定狀態 RUN IN數十小時後 即可完全顯現外加時脈產生器所帶來的升級感 另外本機進入穩定工作狀態後 耗電量會隨之下降 故平時保持開機狀態即可

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Audio Pro iDSD“

Review on Ultra High Precision OCXO Clock -Soul- Owner:

I am in my 50s and have been interested in audio since my student days and have pursued good sound for myself. Although there was a blank for about 10 or more years on the way, the audio fever revived on the recent high-resolution boom. Currently, the network player TEAC NT-503 is the center, the amplifier is N-mode X-PM7, and the speaker is a self-made super swan designed by Tetsuo Nagaoka. 

Now, for the first time, I purchased the NT-503 network player, but when I read the instructions, it turned out that there was a "clock sync input terminal" on the back of the unit. I wasn't sure what the terminal was for and what it was connected to, but as I went through various investigations, I found out that the sound seems to be better when I connect the output of a 10MHz oscillator. Looking for a 10MHz oscillator on the market, we found that there was a product from company E in domestic production. However, I was stunned to know that the price was several hundred thousand yen to over one million yen. I started to give up a little, but I found out that a 10MHz oscillator was released by Cyber ​​Shaft Inc. when I searched a lot on the Internet because I wanted to do something more than I knew that the sound would improve. There is an explanation that the price is within the reach of 50,000 yen and that it can be used with NT-503. It's true that the company I had never heard of was anxious at first, but reading the explanations on the company's homepage and Yahoo Auctions gave me a good impression of the sincere attitude toward product making and the company's attitude. I decided to buy it.

In the first place, it is difficult for amateurs to understand why the sound improves when this 10 MHz oscillator is connected. To put it simply, devices that handle high-resolution sound sources and the like operate according to the signal of the oscillator, but the built-in oscillator is not of high performance, so the sound seems to be unstable. Since it moves according to the oscillator, the difference in performance of the oscillator appears as a difference in sound. In fact, connecting a Cybershaft 10MHz oscillator increases the instantaneous power of the sound and produces a fresh sound. Only the necessary sound emerges clearly in silence, and the sound field becomes vast. Once you hear this sound, you cannot go back. I tried to make a sound without connecting it, but the stability of each sound was lost and the sound image was blurred. It feels as if the quietness of the back is gone and the signal-to-noise ratio is worse. It is only recently that high-resolution sound sources have attracted attention. There is no doubt that various products are still developing. The audio world will continue to evolve as the high resolution and internet worlds merge. It is nowadays that I feel happy to meet Cybershaft products, discover new things and experience better sound.


Type: OCXO Clock

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